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End of month view – August 2017

Well it’s all gone to hell in a hand basket – end of month view four days late – hopeless. And the photos, taken last weekend when I’d nearly run out of light, are hopeless too!  Ah well, as mentioned before, I find these monthly views handy for me, so think I’ll still take you for a spin.

The Mid Century bed above is looking appropriately ‘bruised’ and the ‘gladdies’ continue to make their presence felt whether I like it or not – and I still can’t make up my mind!

The troughs have been a bit of a disaster this year – the Cosmos Antiquity never really got going, so I’ve allowed the enormous self seeded shoo fly plant (Nicandra physaloides) free rein as there’s not much else going on.  The trailing sweet peas ‘Pink Cupid’ really didn’t like the heat of the metal trough – I suppose not surprisingly – and pretty much all curled up and died.  I’d like to try them somewhere else next year, but worry that with any pot I’ve have a similar problem, and yet if not in a pot how do they trail?IMG_3075

The Veg patch is showing off some rather more successful sweet peas than the ‘Pink Cupids’ but these too have suffered from lack of water.  I’ve definitely had far more blooms from the greenhouse ones this year.

As well as the blooms I’ve had the usual broad beans, runner beans and courgettes but had a terrible time germinating french beans and sugar snaps this year and so haven’t had any.

I am growing Sarah Raven’s flower sprouts or ‘Kalettes’ for the first time this year which are a cross between Brussels sprouts and kale and have ‘baby’ kale in the  place where you’d expect the Brussels to be.  I haven’t harvested any yet and at the moment the plants don’t even seem to be showing much sign the kalettes will appear.  I have just checked the SR website and it suggests I should be harvesting from September to November, so hopefully there’s still time…


The Swing Beds still have a reasonable amount of interest with the VerbenaPenstemons, Salvia and Asters as well as the incredibly long flowering Diascia personata.IMG_3067


I shared the view over the Grass Bed as last week’s Wordless Wednesday.  It really was a glorious day and the Cosmos ‘Psyche White’ have been great this year.

The Perlagonium ‘Surcouf’ continues to smother both pots, and increasingly the trellis behind, to the extent where I wonder whether at some state I’ll move the Clematis out altogether and concentrate on just getting the Pelagonium to climb.

Poor (Clematis) Princess Di (as it is she) seems to be as unhappy in my pots as she was in later life, but that’s a whole other subject…..IMG_3065

Another couple of really successful pots have been the pair by the greenhouse doors. These were another Sarah Raven suggestion and have been truly spectacular this year – Thunbergia ‘African Sunset’ with Arctotis ‘Flame’.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to overwinter the Arctotis and even make some more by taking cuttings, but I’ll have to start again with the Thunbergia as it is annual.


In the Greenhouse Beds I’ve had a clear out of the Nasturtiums as I’m hoping to expose some soil so the Poppies will seed.  I’ve also planted out some Aster Frikartii ‘Monch’ (some of which were grown as cuttings, and some bought months ago).  The idea was to increase the number in the Swing Beds, but they’re currently so rammed with plants I was worried the Asters wouldn’t get established, so thought they’d be better where I can keep an eye on them.  Even if I decide to move them later, I’m sure they’ll be happier having finally got their ‘feet’ in the soil.IMG_3062

At the other side of the garden, the Dahlias and Roses are still pumping out blooms in the Bronze Bed. IMG_3056

By the long table there have been a couple of late Wisteria blooms – but these aren’t them. These are Dolichos Lablab ‘Ruby Moon’ which I had growing in the pots by the front door which have self seeded in a pot I’m growing a Clematis in.  The Clematis is taking its time to get going so these have been a lovely surprise.   Goodness knows how they got here!IMG_3059

Into the greenhouse and I’m delighted the Plumbago has bounced back from near drought induced death to be spectacularly floriferous again.


And to finish, Aubergine ‘Slim Jim’.  He’s a good looking lad, but I haven’t tasted him yet!


Chelsea Flower Show 2015 – the Grand Pavilion


As I said last year, I enjoy the Grand Pavilion more and more.  Once upon a time (and I have been coming to Chelsea for a good 20 years) I really couldn’t see the attraction.  All that peering at new introductions and admiring stiff rows of tulips or delphiniums.  And now?  I’m peering with the best of them, and loving it.

The dahlia above was new on me – Dahlia coccinea ‘Great Dixter’, what a fabulous pink with a good sized blooms (ie not too big) and darkish foliage.

Another dahlia I admired was Dahlia Twynings Revel, below.IMG_7402

Of the bulbs, I liked Tulip Havran,IMG_7430

Tulip Sky High Scarlet (didn’t look very scarlet to me, and all the better for it)IMG_7456

and on the beautiful Avon Bulbs stand, this gorgeous Ixia, Ixia Mabel.IMG_7434

There were two Verbascums which caught my eye, with a view to adding them to the Bronze Bed – Verbascum Clementine                      IMG_7419

and new on the Hardy’s stand, the rather peachier Verbascum Firedance.IMG_7470

The OH is always trying to persuade me to grow the blue Meconopsis but think if I was going to go to the effort, it would be this one I’d try – Meconopsis punicea ‘Sichuan Silk.’  Great name too!


Another exotic bloom was provided by this Leucospermum – L. lineare x glabrum ‘Tango’.  IMG_7424

There were two climbers to share from the Tynings stand – this one, Actinidia kolomikta I hadn’t seen since I visited a garden over 10 years ago and I saw it growing with a perfectly matched pink clematis growing through it.  Now where’s a spare wall where I could recreate that?IMG_7428

And this fabulous coloured Black Eyed Susan, Thunbergia ‘Orange and Red’IMG_7429

This Anthyllis, was also a wonderful firey colourIMG_7416

Another plant with local Duver wild relatives, was this super coloured thrift, Armeria pseudoarmeria ‘Joystick Red’.IMG_7418

The only shrub that stood out for me was this one, Indigo himalayensis ‘Silk Road’, with dainty pink pea flowers.IMG_7452

And to finish, three plants from the RHS Plant of the Year.  Whilst the winner, Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum ‘Kilimajaro Sunrise’, was lovely, my two picks were the fabulously scented Harkness rose, Rosa SusieIMG_7494

and the gorgeous coloured, salvia from Dyson’s, Salvia ‘Love and Wishes’, which was placed third.



Yet another plant to add to the shopping list I fear!