In a vase on Monday – Golden!


I made this little posy to take to supper with friends, and the title relates to both the golden/orangey colouring, but more importantly, a lovely, golden evening, spent outside until very late.

It features the first pickings of Rosa ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’ which I planted in the Veg Bed, along with a couple of other roses for cutting, last autumn.  I’m not sure how similar she is to Rosa ‘Pat Austin’ (which I have in the Bronze Bed) as Pat has been taking a little break.  However, she’s got more buds coming, so by next weekend I should be able to have Emma and Pat side by side!


As well as the Dianthus ‘Green Wicky’ and poppy seed heads, I added some soft, peachy blooms from this year’s runner beans ‘Aurora’ which are a super match for Emma.


Sticking with the veg theme, I also added a few male courgette flowers, as well as a few self seeded Nicotiana.


It’s lovely to be back taking part in IaVoM, why don’t you see what Cathy and the rest of the IaVoM crew have in their vases this Monday?

5 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Golden!

  1. Di'ane Blackwell

    Hi Jenny, I bought my daughter -in – law Lady Emma Hamilton when Emma was born. I wanted a rose called Emma , this was the closest I could find . It’s stunning isn’t it!

  2. Cathy

    Don’t know why I missed commenting on this earlier, Jen – I assume it was a timing issue on my part as i do remember being aware you had posted…sorry! Having waxed lyrical about Lady Em several times I know you are already on to a winner, but don’t be disappointed that mine, also a year old has been flowering since the end of May (see my July blooms post)!😉 The runner bean and courgette flowers are absolutely perfect to accompany your Emma – what a great choice!


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