In a Vase on Monday – Emma and friends


Helloooooo!  How lovely to be back joining Cathy and co for In a Vase on Monday.

My excuse for not posting is a mix of the good (a lovely holiday walking round Lake Como and the mother in law’s 90th birthday celebrations in Lulworth Cove) but mostly the bad – far too much work (Zzzzzzz).

This week I popped into the garden before work and was inspired to create a quick vase as I spotted a number of pretty perfect blooms (despite the recent wet) on my ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’ rose.  This was planted in the veg patch with two other roses (Summer Song and Hot Chocolate) for cutting in late 2018, so this is its first year and Emma has definitely outperformed the other two.


To accompany her, I added some Zinnia ‘Queen Red Lime’IMG_7107

a couple of ‘Munstead Wood’ roses, a nameless Salvia and Dianthus ‘Green Wicky’ for foliage.IMG_7113

All were plonked into the circle of milk bottles vase which is a real favourite of mine as it requires very little in the way of arranging.

Whilst I do get fed up spending so much time ‘screen staring’ for work, I do enjoy joining in with this lovely meme.  Why don’t you pop over to Cathy’s blog, to  see what she and other IaVoMers have arranged this Monday?

5 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Emma and friends

  1. Kris P

    You assembled quite a collection! I’m still waiting for my own ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’ to grow up. Won in a raffle, she’s been in the garden almost 18 months now but the plant remains small and the blooms are spare. I’m hoping she hasn’t taken an acute dislike to Southern California but is only just taking her time settling in.

  2. Amanda

    I do love your collection of flowers in this week’s vase! I especially love Munstead Wood. I had one in my tiny garden which I banished to what I call our outer garden! It grew too big and with such an intensely dark colour it almost looked like the flower bed had black holes in it! It had a good summer in its new position and I hope next year will be even better, having recovered from its relocation! I love the way the colour of your rose marries so beautifully with the centre of the zinnia! Delicious! A


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