In a vase on Monday – in a vase darkly!


I used these little vases for the first time here but that was back in April and feels a looong time ago!

As some of you know, I have a bit of a thing about colour matching and wanted to bring together the rather droughted (and hence short stemmed) ‘Black Knight’ sweet peas from the Veg BedIMG_6575

with the matching coloured rose, ‘Munstead Wood’ from the Mid Century Bed.IMG_6574

I like the little glass vases – they make me think of a scientific experiment, with the blooms arranged as if for formal analysis.  (Or is that just me?  Perhaps A level Chemistry had more impact than I’d realised!) IMG_6572

And to finish, in case you thought I’d given up, I’m still trying to have flowers on my desk at work each week.  This arrangement, last week, was particularly girly in a rather male environment.  But do you know what?  I just don’t care.  I’ve battled on for more than 35 years now and decided some while ago that the ‘boys’ were just going to have to take me as they found me, flowers and all!IMG_6532 (1)

With thanks to Cathy who hosts this lovely meme.

2 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – in a vase darkly!

  1. Cathy

    Yes, Munstead Wood is a glorious rose, the one everybody asked about on our open days – just LOVE the colour and the fullness of the petals, not to mention the fragrance! What a perfect match the sweet peas are, and is that a known fact that drought causes sweet pea stems to be short? How come I have never heard that when it is so easily remedied (well, if I remember to water them that is!)? Your burgundy pots are of course delightful and I am thrilled that you are persisting with a vase at work too – at least it doesn’t have to suffer a journey from the IoW! Are these all from your London garden? Another perfectly co-ordinated offering of course!


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