Chelsea Flower Show 2015 – the Grand Pavilion


As I said last year, I enjoy the Grand Pavilion more and more.  Once upon a time (and I have been coming to Chelsea for a good 20 years) I really couldn’t see the attraction.  All that peering at new introductions and admiring stiff rows of tulips or delphiniums.  And now?  I’m peering with the best of them, and loving it.

The dahlia above was new on me – Dahlia coccinea ‘Great Dixter’, what a fabulous pink with a good sized blooms (ie not too big) and darkish foliage.

Another dahlia I admired was Dahlia Twynings Revel, below.IMG_7402

Of the bulbs, I liked Tulip Havran,IMG_7430

Tulip Sky High Scarlet (didn’t look very scarlet to me, and all the better for it)IMG_7456

and on the beautiful Avon Bulbs stand, this gorgeous Ixia, Ixia Mabel.IMG_7434

There were two Verbascums which caught my eye, with a view to adding them to the Bronze Bed – Verbascum Clementine                      IMG_7419

and new on the Hardy’s stand, the rather peachier Verbascum Firedance.IMG_7470

The OH is always trying to persuade me to grow the blue Meconopsis but think if I was going to go to the effort, it would be this one I’d try – Meconopsis punicea ‘Sichuan Silk.’  Great name too!


Another exotic bloom was provided by this Leucospermum – L. lineare x glabrum ‘Tango’.  IMG_7424

There were two climbers to share from the Tynings stand – this one, Actinidia kolomikta I hadn’t seen since I visited a garden over 10 years ago and I saw it growing with a perfectly matched pink clematis growing through it.  Now where’s a spare wall where I could recreate that?IMG_7428

And this fabulous coloured Black Eyed Susan, Thunbergia ‘Orange and Red’IMG_7429

This Anthyllis, was also a wonderful firey colourIMG_7416

Another plant with local Duver wild relatives, was this super coloured thrift, Armeria pseudoarmeria ‘Joystick Red’.IMG_7418

The only shrub that stood out for me was this one, Indigo himalayensis ‘Silk Road’, with dainty pink pea flowers.IMG_7452

And to finish, three plants from the RHS Plant of the Year.  Whilst the winner, Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum ‘Kilimajaro Sunrise’, was lovely, my two picks were the fabulously scented Harkness rose, Rosa SusieIMG_7494

and the gorgeous coloured, salvia from Dyson’s, Salvia ‘Love and Wishes’, which was placed third.



Yet another plant to add to the shopping list I fear!

5 thoughts on “Chelsea Flower Show 2015 – the Grand Pavilion

  1. rusty duck

    I’d agree on Meconopsis punicea. I sowed seed last autumn. No show yet. Looks like I have to give it another winter. It needs patience this game doesn’t it?

  2. AnnetteM

    I loved the plant collection you have shown us with all the reds,oranges and pinks – especially since I haven’t managed to watch very much this year. I did have it on my ‘Want to Go’ list for this year, but it got bumped. Hopefully next year.
    I have Armeria ‘Joystick White’ and it was wonderful last year – I will look out for the red one. The Verbascum ‘Firedance’ caught my eye, as did the Meconopsis. I think I really need a greenhouse!


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