In a vase on Monday – Sweet pea plethora!

This is another vase based around the sweet peas.  Finally I’m able to pick a real handful so I thought I use them to christen my new glass trough.   (I’d already ordered it before I admired the one at Gravetye, but it’s nowhere near as large as theirs).

The sweet peas have been joined by the Antirrhinum majus ‘The Rose’ again, as well as the stalwart Cerinthe major purpurescens.  I actually found the vase a little tricky to use as the top heavy Antirrhinum and Cerinthe kept dropping back out again as there’s no lip to keep them in.  I cut them a bit shorter and put the sweet peas in first and it was fine, but it has made the arrangement quite ‘dense’ as I wasn’t able to have the Antirrhinum poking out as I’d envisaged.  Also, I didn’t sear the stems of the Cerinthe and after a night in the kitchen with the Aga still on they’re already drooping, so they’re not ‘poking’ either.


Anyway, drooping or not, it certainly smells divine!

And to finish a silly extra arrangement prompted by photographing the red and amber roses for GBBD – I thought adding in a stem of Aeonium would make a traffic light!

With thanks to Cathy who hosts this lovely meme.


7 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Sweet pea plethora!

  1. Cathy

    Oh isn’t it disappointing when a new vase doesn’t turn out to be as practical as you would have hoped? I suppose you could us gravel or glass beads in the beads to hold stems straight…? Is your antirrhinum from this year, or plants that have overwintered? A few of mine have overwintered and are growing more strongly than last year, which is good as my seedlings are way behind. I really like the idea of a rectangular vase and one as chocabloc with sweet peas as yours is is always going to be wonderful, despite the droopy cerinthe!

  2. Christina

    wonderful sweetpeas; everyone loves them. I find it easier to arrange flowers in my rectangular vase if I use stones in the bottom of the vase or floristry pins would also work. I love this shape of vase.

  3. pbmgarden

    Beautiful. The new vase will be fun to experiment with. The Cerinthe is something I don’t think I’ve ever seen in person, but have noticed it on other blogs. Your photo shows its amazing color.

  4. Cathy

    Very pretty – and the idea of a trough is good. I’m sure you will find the ideal way to fill it with practice, but those sweet peas do a pretty good job! 🙂 I have a couple of vases that are tricky to fill and I should really practice more with them. Love the traffic light too!

  5. digwithdorris

    I am so surprised to see you have sweet peas already but I see from a later post that they are under glass. I shall try that next year. Your new trough is very lovely


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