In a vase on Monday – Gravetye blooms


None of these beautiful vases are mine this week, but they were all on display at Gravetye Manor which I visited at the weekend and blogged about here, and I thought the lovely IaVoM crowd would enjoy them as much as I did,

The gardens are glorious and happily there were also flowers everywhere within the hotel.  The ones above were in an intriguing circular but flat vase.  It struck me as a clever design as it provides that wonderful arc of flowers, but doesn’t take anything like the volume of blooms required to fill a similarly sized gold fish bowl shaped vase, and, if it’s to be placed against a wall you don’t need an all round arrangement.

I asked at reception what proportion of the blooms came from the garden and, whilst understandably they said the proportion is higher in the summer, it was clear from my walk around the garden and from the lovely natural feel to the arrangements, that many of the blooms, and particularly the foliage, had been cut from the garden.IMG_2527

This fabulous pair of vases were in the dining room, and, whilst I’m sure the lilies were brought in, and I imagine the Molucella too, I know the beautiful Dicentra were from the garden as I saw a whole bank of them.IMG_2457

This vase also made use of another round/flat vase.  I can’t think what the blue flower is (any clues?) but this too I saw growing in the garden.IMG_2459

And finally, I think perhaps my favourite, so simple and yet so charming, just a lupin bud, and some foliage, including a little bud of  Alchemilla mollis.IMG_2460

The head florist at Gravetye is Chelsea award winning Sue Flight, who’s quoted on the website saying  “It really is a pleasure to work with the flowers at Gravetye. The ability to have specially grown cut flowers is fantastic and I am able to recreate the garden inside! Gravetye has been an amazing place to work where you feel a sense of belonging to a special family; a family that works together to provide exceptional hospitality for our wonderful guests.”

It turns out she runs monthly Flower Workshops at the hotel.  Anyone tempted?  I know I am!

With thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the garden who hosts this lovely meme.

6 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Gravetye blooms

  1. Cathy

    Yes, those ‘flat’ vases are a great idea – something to look out for? It is always interesting to see ‘professional’ arrangements. partly for ideas but also because it is reassuring that we are not doing too bad on a smaller scale on IAVOM! The pale blue flower isn’t a ceanothus, is it? There is a pale blue variety and they generally are in flower at this time of year. The last vase with the lupin and alchemilla is indeed adorable! Thanks for sharing these today, Jen

  2. Cathy

    Thanks for a glimpse inside of Gravetye. The ‘not round’ vase is certainly a wonderful thing to use and I’d agree with you – that lupin with the alchemilla foliage is so sweet! Before I got to Cathy’s comment above about the ceanothus, I was already thinking ceanothus, but thought it might be too early. I’ve lost track of the UK seasons a little, but she could well be right.

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