In a vase on Monday – Marmalade madness


So a marmalade combination for this Monday’s vase, photographed in Sunday afternoon’s sunshine.

The vase includes Dahlia ‘Mystery Fox’img_1658

old favourite Dahlia ‘Happy Single Date,’ with new growth of Cerinthe major purpurescensimg_1663

Helenium ‘Moerheim Beauty,’img_1660

and Euphorbia myrsinites together with unknown succulent.  This was given as a cutting by  a neighbour and I now have quite a few of them.  Maybe some kind of Asphodel?img_1661

And the madness?  Well, after the delight of meeting up with Sam from A Coastal Plot at the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition at the Tate Modern,  how about an IaVoM lunch next year when London’s Garden Museum reopens after its £7.5m redevelopment?  The website promises a ‘bigger, brighter cafe’.  Anyone up for it?

With thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, who started it all off.

15 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Marmalade madness

  1. Cathy

    Yes, I am up fo it too – well of course I had to be!! Are you offereing to arrange and co-ordinate? Your marmalade blooms are lovely – and I am definitely going to have some of the Happy Single dahlias for next year, HS Juliet for a start

      1. Cathy

        Oh no, we need a more equitable round table 😉 And we can all come with a buttonhole/corsage instead of a vase perhaps, particularly if we can arrange it for a Monday… Definitely excited already!

  2. Bec

    These are great colour combinations – truely marmalade-those are lovely dahlias-mine have been munched by the slugs 😦 and they’re cute milk bottles too .

    I’ve got some yellow flowers in my vase this week – which isn’t like me at all – it’s usuallypinks, lilacs and purples – time for a change.
    It would be lovely to meet some other IaVoMers – I hope you’ll all let me off for being rubbish with plant names 🙂
    another venue for a meet up in a few years could be RHS Bridgewater in 2019 😉 2 miles from my house – I’m so excited about it 🙂 have a lovely week. love bec xx

  3. Cathy

    I had never heard of the Garden Museum before, and would love to come to the IAVOM meeting… perhaps I could manage to fly over but would need to know the date a little in advance. It’s such a great idea! 🙂 I love your vase this week too!


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