The Greenhouse Review – mid September 2015


I’m joining Julie at Peonies and Posies (rather late) to share what’s going on in my greenhouse this month.

After a delay in planting my tomatoes out, they’re finally cropping well and I’ve made my first Panzanella of the year:IMG_4597

The tomatoes at the top are Tomato Black Cherry, and I think these are my favourite new ones this year.  I’m also growing old favourites SungoldIMG_8480

and have grown the popular Gardeners’ Delight for the first time.IMG_8484

Also new this year has been Green Zebra, which is fun to look at, but difficult to judge when ripe, and in my opinion, not a great taste.IMG_8485

And lastly, the only large tomato this year has been Ferline.  This is better tasting than I thought initially when I ate the first one a month ago, so I may grow this one again, but I’m certainly open to suggestions for alternative larger/cooking tomatoes to try.IMG_8486

As well as the tomatoes, I’m growing Cucumber La Diva.  These are supposed to be mini ‘cigar’ sized cucumbers, but I’m not a huge cucumber fan and so they tend to get left on the vine, and then grow to much larger proportions:


And in pots I have Pepper Marconi Rosso, the little mild chillies, Padron Peppers,IMG_8489

and my aubergines, Aubergine Kaberi.  I haven’t yet harvested any, and whilst they’re definitely getting bigger, I’m not convinced they’re actually ripening, but I can wait….


And lastly, at my ‘potting shed’ end of the greenhouse, I’m afraid all my biennials – wallflowers and stocks, are still waiting to be planted out – and are definitely suffering for the neglect.  Tsk tsk!IMG_8487

With regard to future plans, I don’t suppose the veg will continue for too much longer and then I will need a good clear out.  And at that stage I’m wondering about trying the early sweet peas Julie had success with in her greenhouse last year.

The only problem is, if I fill the greenhouse ful of sweet peas, where am I going to put all my tender plants?

5 thoughts on “The Greenhouse Review – mid September 2015

  1. gardeninghands

    Looks like you are getting a good amount of produce from your greenhouse, I’m the same with cucumber I always grown a mini lebanese but never pick them in time so when I do they are not mini… I’m posting my greenhouse review later today as well.

  2. Julie

    Your tomatoes look delicious!! I have the Black Cherry and love both its taste and its look on the plate. You have reminded me that I did not grow a large tomato this year – I must remedy that next spring. I am like you with the cucumbers – I am growing la Diva but it does not get picked often enough so the cucumbers end up full size anyway.

    I hope you do damage to find a little space to squeeze some sweet peas – I am sure you won’t regret it! My biennials look a bit sorry too – they will soon pick up when they are planted out.

    Thank you for joining in again this month & do not worry about being late – it is nice to have a peek at what you are doing whenever you manage to post.

  3. jenhumm116 Post author

    Thanks Julie. I’m definitely running late with replying to comments too!

    Hope you recover from you doggy collision soon and rejoin the blogging community. I miss you!


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