In a vase on Monday – Pomp and Circumstance


The combination of our doughty Queen exceeding her great-great-grandmother’s record to become our longest serving monarch, together with the show of jolly nationalism that is the Last Night at the Proms, has found me coming over all red, white and blue this week.

Sadly, the Zinnias appear rather orange in the photo, but these aren’t the Z Raspberry Cordial I keep using, but instead Zinnia Benary’s Giant Scarlet,  IMG_8542

and they are actually a pretty good match for the Antirrhinum Liberty Crimson.  The Antirrhinums were grown from seed last year and planted in my satellite cutting garden, and this year two plants have self seeded!IMG_8547

As well as the red, the white was provided by two Cosmos, C Purity IMG_8541and C. Double Click Snow Puff.

And the blue, well, I admit it’s rather purple, but I still love it, Salvia horminum ‘Oxford Blue’IMG_8544

And for reasons I can’t quite explain, I decided to throw in a bit of mint, for the fresh green.IMG_8545

Why don’t you go over to Rambling in the Garden and see what others have been inspired by for their vases this week?

14 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Pomp and Circumstance

  1. AnnetteM

    Long live the Queen!!! A lovely bright vase. Cosmos is one of my favourite summer plants, but it is really expensive to buy up here. I had almost resolved to try growing it from seed next year, but then ALL my Wallflower seedlings got eaten in a oner, so now I am a bit worried about spending money and effort on seeds for my little growhouse. I think it is going to be full of cuttings anyway overwinter. I wonder if I can persuade next door to grow me some seeds in her greenhouse?

  2. Cathy

    A great red, white and blue tribute and definitely reminiscent of Union Jack flags and multicoloured bunting! Seeing your Liberty Crimson makes me think it is worth persisting with these taller varieties after all, particularly if there is a chance of self seeding. THanks for sharing Jen

  3. Kris P

    It’d be hard for me to think of England without Queen Elizabeth II. Your vase makes a wonderful tribute. Your pictures of that Salvia have encouraged me to find and plant it here – it’s gorgeous.

  4. Hannah

    My mother is also an Elizabeth. I enjoyed the Queen’s Olympic antics. The colors in your vase are so pure and lovely together, I like the veining in the Salvia bracts, and the lovely reds with the pure white. That is a pretty Snapdragon to self-sow, it seems only plain ones do that for me. The Giant Scarlet Zinnias are so sumptuous!

  5. Julie

    Do you know that the Queen makes a Monday vase too (well at least her gardeners make one for her)? Apparently it sits on her desk for the week.I am sure she would be delighted to have your lovely posy to look at this week.


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