My over-the-road-oak – December 2014


This is my last over-the-road-oak post, as the leaves are all gone, the acorns never came, and I think I’ll struggle to find another beautiful winter’s day like this one.  IMG_5511

Some of the oaks lower down the slope (on the left of this photo) still have leaves, which I assume is because they are more sheltered.  The leaves from my oak only fell in the second half of November.  I took these two photos on the 14th November when the whole tree briefly turned a lovely yellow.IMG_5342


So, goodbye to the oak.  I’ve learnt about oak apples, oak bark beetle, water consumption, mast years and abscission and hopefully you have too!

Thank you so much to Lucy at Loose and Leafy for hosting this meme, I’ve really enjoyed researching my oak and sharing it with you all.  IMG_5512

10 thoughts on “My over-the-road-oak – December 2014

  1. Julie

    I have really enjoyed your view both through your Oak and of it too. For some reason I cannot see Loose and Leafy posts, something to do with my internet speed, is this the end of this meme?


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