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Daily reminders to give thanks


To ensure the ongoing joy (!) of access to work emails on my phone, I have to change my phone password monthly.  Having run through the birthdays of my immediate family, I’ve recently changed it to my mother’s birthday.

Mum died in 2006 but she was an awesome woman, a brilliant, knowledgeable gardener and teacher, and I still miss her.  I’ve mentioned her a couple of times on Duver Diary, but I’m not sure I’ve ever really given her the credit she deserves for making me the gardener (and woman)  I am today.  And as the garden here develops (alongside my increasing obsession with it) it makes me sad she’s not still around to see it.

So, already having multiple daily reminders of her, in the form of punching in my phone password, it was uncanny to open January’s ‘English Garden’ magazine to see the photo above.

I knew immediately that the building was a shell house, commissioned by Darina Allen, at Ballymaloe Cookery School as I took mum there in (I think) 2003 for a one day course about decorative vegetable potagers with Joy Larkcom.

And, whilst the talk was interesting, what was particularly memorable was the stay at Ballymaloe and its stunning grounds.  It really is a very special place, and whilst the courses are more focussed on cookery, they also run a number of gardening courses and, if my experience is anything to go by, they come highly recommended.

I was happily reminiscing about our trip whilst reading the article, when I turned the page and stopped in my tracks.



Spot the snap?  This is the photo that sits on my bedside table.  Not the best photo, but a very special one because of all the happy memories it evokes.

Thanks for everything mum.