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In a vase on Monday – Romance and roses

IMG_2873Mushy alert – those of a cynical disposition look away now!

So Friday was my 27th Wedding Anniversary (child bride you know!) and what better way to mark it than by arranging roses in a rose bowl, bought by my sister and me for our parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary?

Clearly life isn’t quite that perfect, and the weekend passed without any roses in rose bowls, but thanks to the joys of ‘In a vase on Monday’ the moment has now arrived.  And I can share it with you all long before the OH staggers back from the golf course.  Ah, the secret of a happy marriage – ‘apartness’!

The roses are St Swithun,IMG_2866


Madame Gregoire Staechlin,IMG_2870

Snow Goose (buds),IMG_2871

as well two lovely, inherited roses I don’t know the names of.  They’re both scented.  Any clues?  By the front stepsIMG_2869

and in one of the Lavender Beds.IMG_2867

With thanks again to Rambling in the Garden for hosting  – and allowing me to share the lurve 😉IMG_2863