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New England round up


Whilst I was away, I still enjoyed keeping up with my various blogging friends, and was much entertained by Chloris’ Taste in flowers post on 21st July, where amongst other species, she named certain ‘over-hybridised and vulgar’ Hemerocallis amongst her dislikes.

Fast forward five days, and we were getting ready to move from Boston to a rental house in Rockport, Massachusetts for our second week.  Whilst Boston had been great fun, I’d been missing a proper flower fix and so was looking for a garden to visit.  I came across the Tower Hill Botanic Garden online, and decided that should be the one.  

There was a small issue persuading the attendant family members that it really was a good idea to go due west to a garden, when we needed to travel north east to get to Rockport, but they’re an indulgent lot (well they were that day) and off we set.

And what did we find?  Not only a garden heavy (vulgar? ;-)) on daylilies, but we had also stumbled upon the annual ‘New England Daylily Show’.  Chloris, where were you?

IMG_4126 (2)

I’ll restrict myself to showing two, which demonstrate the kinds I like and dislike.

Can’t say I like this one (Hemerocallis ‘Looking Rosy’).  Petals too ‘fat’ and starting not to look like a daylily at all.IMG_4078

but I do quite like this one (Hemerocallis ‘Rocket Man’), much more spidery petals, and it reminds me of a Crocosmia.  (And has a name definitely superior to ‘Droopy Drawers!)


Moving on from the daylilies, there were plenty of other plants to admire.  These Mallows were new to me (I thought Mallows were Lavatera, but apparently not here) –  Purple Poppy Mallow (Callirhoe involucrata) and Bush Mallow (Callirhoe bushii)


and this climber, the Violet Tube Flower, Iochroma cyaneum ‘Royal Blue’ was stunning.  What a colour!  Not royal blue at all, very much the deep purple shown in the photograph.


In addition there were some lovely drifts of more common RudbeckiaIMG_4088

and Echinacea.IMG_4115 (2)

So after our detour we arrived at the rental house, where what the details described as a ‘lush yard’, turned out to be a really attractive, good sized gardenIMG_4207



with some fabulous potsIMG_4208


and a pretty, little, impressively flowery pond.IMG_4192


Other than enjoying the garden, the only other flowery outing was a trip to the very tranquil Halibut Point State Park.  There weren’t a great deal of flowers to admire, but I loved the sun on these berries (what are they?)IMG_4306

and this Vetch with an Atlantic viewIMG_4314

And one last photo – no flowers at all, but it makes me smile.IMG_4174 (4)