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In a vase on Monday – Branching out!


I cut a couple of branches from the plum tree to bring into the kitchen.

The tree’s never fruited so I didn’t feel I was sacrificing anything, but I’ve never cut them before so have no idea how long they will last.  Whilst wondering about this, and thinking I should really take them out of the Aga heated kitchen overnight, and what a faff, I thought, why not take them away all together?

As some of you know, this follows a rather bonkers tradition of arrangements created on the Isle of Wight and then moved to the mainland for Christmases and birthdays, so why not Easter?  And to be honest, it was a lot easier to transport than many, and also wasn’t jostling for space in the boot with presents and Christmas puddings,

We were popping up to Richmond for Easter Sunday to host lunch in our new little house so they came on the day trip with us, and have stayed.


Someone else also came.  But whilst he quickly made himself at home, he hasn’t stayed and is currently adopting a similar position having had a good but rainy run along the beach.


With thanks to Cathy who hosts all our Monday vases, however far they’ve travelled.