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My over-the-road oak, March


Like Annette at My Aberdeen Garden with her Copper Beech, I’m (rather belatedly) joining  Lucy  at  LooseAndLeafy with her meme on ‘Follow  a Tree’.

The tree I’ve chosen isn’t actually in my garden, it’s over the road on the National Trust land in front of our house.  To the bottom of this photo you can see the sign for the footpath that runs down the hill to the Duver at the bottom, and on to the beach.

The oak is to the south of us and so, come Autumn, the prevailing winds ensure that 90% of all the leaves end up in our garden or on the drive.  Consequently we now have two leaf mould bins, which are overflowing.

Although this post is supposed to be just about the tree, I couldn’t help but add in the backdrop of Bembridge Harbour to give the tree some island context.

What would give some really special island context would be if I could ever capture a picture of one of the red squirrels in the oak.  They regularly run across the road, up into this tree and then jump from tree to tree to wherever their drey is situated, much further away from the road.  I’ve tried to photograph them once or twice, but boy do they move fast.

I look forward to sharing this tree with you over the coming months.