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In a vase on Monday – twice as nice!


Not a vase but a pot this week, and one that has been giving joy for over a month now thanks to two sets of bulbs.

Firstly I had the Crocus chrysanthus ‘Miss Vain’.  img_1561

In this photo above you can see that the pot is doughnut shaped and is watered by pouring water into the central ‘funnel’.  The water is absorbed through the terracotta over time, and it seems to be a really efficient system.

I got the pot in Ikea when uni shopping for my daughter last September, and I’ve been thrilled with it.

One of the reasons I chose white crocuses was because of the white glazed ‘plate’.  This came with the pot and obviously protects any surface you place it on, consequently, rather than just opt for Tete a tete (which I love) to follow the Crocuses, I searched for another small daffodil with white in, and came up with this one – N. Canaliculatus.

It’s dainty, scented and has multiple heads – what a beaut!IMG_2183

Why don’t you have a look on Cathy’s site to see what others have in their vases on this beautiful spring day?IMG_2184

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – March 2017


All of a sudden spring has sprung and there are hundreds of blooms to enjoy – not least Narcissus ‘Cragford’, above.  And despite moaning last year I’d planted them too close together, I’m delighted to see they’ve all returned!

Plenty of other Narcissi now including ‘Jenny’



‘Peeping Jenny,’IMG_2175

‘Tete a Tete’


and my first ‘Minnow’ of the year.  This is definitely one of my favourites – the blooms are really dainty, only about 3cm across, so I hope I’ve planted enough to make an impact.IMG_2178

A few other bulbs blooming now – these Muscari, M. Latifolium are returning again from the wedding flowers.  Last year they got rather eaten, so I’m delighted to see them back better than ever this year.  And interestingly, for those who remember the saga of me trying to get these and the N. Elka flowering together on the day,the Elkas are currently nowhere to be seen!


This last one is the Crocus chrysanthus Miss Vain.  The majority are over now, but if you look closely you’ll see there are daffodils to follow, so hopefully the pot will shortly be rebooted!IMG_2171

I found one of the first bees enjoying the Rosemary (R. prostratus).IMG_2150

And I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve become a bit overrun with Euphorbia, but doesn’t that colour sing (zing?) in the sunshine?IMG_2177

Talking of colour, I know it’s not a bloom, but I couldn’t resist including this Chard.IMG_2172

Continuing on the pink theme, this Daphne x Pink Fragrance ‘Blapink’ is really pumping out the blooms – and scent – now.  It’s in a pot and currently seems happy, but I do wonder if I should plant it out.IMG_2169

The tea tree plant, Leptospermum has just started blooming again after a little rest.  Sadly it has got rather leggy now and I’m not convinced it would resprout from the bottom if I pruned it hard.  Any clues?IMG_2161

There are still plenty of Hellebores but I thought this one was very fine.  Strangely I have no memory of seeing it before, but it seems rather too glamorous to be self seeded.IMG_2158

Of my two witch hazels H. Arnold’s Promise is in full flowerIMG_2156

but H. Aphrodite is still being rather shy.IMG_2153

And to finish, because it was such a glorious day it almost felt like a quick dip might be fun, here’s the Diving Lady, with her pool. IMG_2173

With thanks to Carol at May Dream Gardens who hosts everyone’s GBBDs.  Why don’t you pop over and see what others have blooming now?