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Castle House Garden Opening


Not only do my lovely neighbours open their garden for the St Helens Secret Gardens event which takes place every other year, but on their year off, rather than put their feet up, they open in aid of the Red Cross – and not once, but twice!  I missed their opening in May and so was delighted to pop along this afternoon.

Castle House sits within a wonderful plot.  Above the house is a superb walled garden (where I used to borrow a small plot to grow cut flowers) and below, wonderful views over Bembridge Harbour.

The drive is walled on both sides and both walls are generously covered in various climbers including Wisteria on the left


and Clematis Tangutica on the right.


From the drive, into the walled garden to admire the old greenhouse – with wonderful tomatoes and a vineIMG_4542


as well as the outdoor veg.IMG_4547

Since I gave up growing my cut flowers here (the last year was 2015) J and A have done a lot of work in the walled garden, building raised beds and planting more flowers and fewer veg.

I just love this horned poppy – it’s absolutely one of my favourite plants and is clearly thriving here.  IMG_4546

And look at these fabulous Zinnias – these are rather more zingy than mine!IMG_4548

Out of the walled garden for a stroll past the house and down towards the southern boundary to capture the beautiful view.

Pictures I normally share of the Duver are taken from a rather more northerly and easterly position compared to these.

This first is looking east towards the SolentIMG_4550

the second, pretty much due south over Bembridge HarbourIMG_4554

and the third, looking slightly more westwards, inland towards Culver Down – you can see the Yarborough Monument on the sky line above the block of conifers towards the right of the photo.IMG_4551

And then it was back up the slope for tea and cake, and plant perusal time….IMG_4558

With thanks to J and A for generously opening their garden.

In a vase on Monday – Autumnal orange


Today’s vase (which is actually very similar in colouring to the last iaVoM I posted) was prompted by an overdue visit to my lovely neighbours’, who allow me a little patch in their walled garden to grow flowers for cutting.

I have to confess I haven’t been for weeks due to a combination of weather, being off the island, and a chest infection, so I wasn’t entirely surprised to see that nearly all the annuals I’d planted out in May had given up.  However one, Rudbeckia ‘Cherry Brandy’, was looking better than ever, so that’s where I started.IMG_5311

On their driveway they also has fabulous orange rose hipsIMG_5310

as well as Clematis tangutica seedheads, so I added a few of each.IMG_5309

To all of these I added some of my trusty Tithonias.  Sadly, this could be my last cutting of Tithonia, not because they’ve finished flowering, but because they’re grown in the garden behind us, and the empty house the garden belongs to, has now been let.  I don’t suppose they will flower for much longer, but I will miss them.IMG_5308

To finish an ‘aerial’ shot, which entailed a certain amount of climbing, showing

  1. my favourite vase from above
  2. one lone Calendula, which didn’t appear in any of the close ups and
  3. I should spend less time fiddling about in the garden and more time polishing my granite work surfaces!


With many thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this lovely meme,