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This time last year, prompted by a Black Friday deal from Chilterns Seeds, I went a bit mad with my seed purchasing:IMG_0089

And whilst I did plant the vast majority, some never got beyond the seed tray where they languished, sad and spindly, until I threw them out recently.  What a waste.

Reflecting on my reducing spare time (and likely move to full time working, with possibly even a fourth day in London every week, gulp) I decided that I really should curb my seed habit and curtail the number I grow in 2017.

And yet….

First of all I read Dan’s wonderful ‘Little Miracle’ account of growing Canarina canariensis from seed in the Frustrated Gardener, then I had a look at the Chiltern ‘preview catalogue’ for 2017 and finally, faced with the soggy mass of Hosta vegetation (above), what couldn’t I ignore?  Oh look:img_1909

My ‘real’ babies are adult now, but just think how many plant ones I can have!

Here we go again…..

Resolve and realise – March 2015


Well I can see this is going to be the way of R&R posts – I’ll always start with an excuse!

So this month, I’ve gone back to work AND spent this weekend in Kent at a birthday party. These photos were taken on Friday before I left, as nothing has happened since.

So, last month’s list was as follows:

Carried forward

  • dig and prepare new ‘bronze bed’IMG_6075

Tick, the Bronze Bed is ready!  But not only that, I’ve also created another new bed, the Mid Century Bed, shown in yesterday’s EOMV here.

  • mulch all beds

Not completely ticked.  Although I have completed something related that didn’t even make it to last month’s R&R.  I’ve dug out and topped up the strawberry and rhubarb bed.  This bed had sunk considerably since it was created and so this month I’ve dug all the plants out, thinned the strawberries and divided one of the larger rhubarb plants, and then replanted them with at least an extra 4″ of compost and manure.

I’ve also planted some of my Agapanthus grown from seed along the back wall.  I don’t know whether they’ll flower this year, but I hope they’ll be happy with a warm southerly wall to cosy up to.IMG_6070

  • Order seeds

Tick.  (Although I’ve definitely also got a list for Derry Watkins’ Special Plants, and I can’t believe Sarah Raven and the RHS won’t be hearing from me.)

  • Prune and feed raspberries


  • Prune and feed remaining roses

Hmm, not quite a tick.  I’ve completed the majority but not all.

  • Pot up dahlia tubers

No.  And I need to buy a few more for the new beds…

  • Chit potatoes

Difficult as I haven’t bought any.  I’m flirting with the idea of growing them in bags this year as I’ve read a couple of articles extolling the improved flavour.  I think I need to do a bit more research, but would love to hear your experiences with container grown potatoes.

  • Sow chillies

Er no, as seeds only arrived on Friday

  • Sow tomatoes


  • Start sowing hardy annuals

Well I have sown a few more left over seeds, but again difficult to make much progress when I didn’t receive the new seeds until recently!

  • Plant out broad beans

Well they’ve made it from the greenhouse to the cold frame.  Surely that deserves half a tick?

So, all in all, hopeless progress.  I’m blushing as I type.  As a consequence my carried forward list is long, but my new additions short.  I need to get a grip!

Carried forward

  • mulch all beds
  • prune and feed remaining roses
  • pot up dahlia tubers
  • chit potatoes (and decide growing approach)
  • sow chillies, tomatoes and hardy annuals
  • plant out broad beans

and new for March

  • plant aubergines
  • finish planning two new beds and start to buy seeds/plants accordingly.

To finish, a couple  more views of the Stoke City Garden at last year Chelsea Flower Show, the inspiration for my new Mid Century bed.

If you’d like to join in with Resolve and Realise, please do, just leave a link to your post in the comments.  Surely no-one can have failed as spectacularly as I have his month?  I’m certainly not judging 😉