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Return to the Duver

IMG_1484During Tuesday’s moody mistiness I finally completed the usual dog walk to the Duver for the first time since spraining my ankle on the 12th.

The main change has been an explosion of lime green Alexanders (Smyrnium olusatrum).

According to Sarah Raven in her “Wild Flowers” book it is “supremely edible, with a flavour a bit like celery, parsley or chervil…..the best tasting bit comes from the centre, blanched naturally by the outer layers of leaves”.  Well perhaps I’ll give it a go, the ladybird seems to like it:IMG_1489 (2)As well as the Alexanders, there is a large patch of wild garlic flowering (which I could also eat, I feel a forage coming on!)IMG_1487Further down towards the coast there was a lovely selection of different catkins

IMG_1497and then finally at the coast, well not much to see at all.IMG_1502