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Resolve and realise – March 2015


Well I can see this is going to be the way of R&R posts – I’ll always start with an excuse!

So this month, I’ve gone back to work AND spent this weekend in Kent at a birthday party. These photos were taken on Friday before I left, as nothing has happened since.

So, last month’s list was as follows:

Carried forward

  • dig and prepare new ‘bronze bed’IMG_6075

Tick, the Bronze Bed is ready!  But not only that, I’ve also created another new bed, the Mid Century Bed, shown in yesterday’s EOMV here.

  • mulch all beds

Not completely ticked.  Although I have completed something related that didn’t even make it to last month’s R&R.  I’ve dug out and topped up the strawberry and rhubarb bed.  This bed had sunk considerably since it was created and so this month I’ve dug all the plants out, thinned the strawberries and divided one of the larger rhubarb plants, and then replanted them with at least an extra 4″ of compost and manure.

I’ve also planted some of my Agapanthus grown from seed along the back wall.  I don’t know whether they’ll flower this year, but I hope they’ll be happy with a warm southerly wall to cosy up to.IMG_6070

  • Order seeds

Tick.  (Although I’ve definitely also got a list for Derry Watkins’ Special Plants, and I can’t believe Sarah Raven and the RHS won’t be hearing from me.)

  • Prune and feed raspberries


  • Prune and feed remaining roses

Hmm, not quite a tick.  I’ve completed the majority but not all.

  • Pot up dahlia tubers

No.  And I need to buy a few more for the new beds…

  • Chit potatoes

Difficult as I haven’t bought any.  I’m flirting with the idea of growing them in bags this year as I’ve read a couple of articles extolling the improved flavour.  I think I need to do a bit more research, but would love to hear your experiences with container grown potatoes.

  • Sow chillies

Er no, as seeds only arrived on Friday

  • Sow tomatoes


  • Start sowing hardy annuals

Well I have sown a few more left over seeds, but again difficult to make much progress when I didn’t receive the new seeds until recently!

  • Plant out broad beans

Well they’ve made it from the greenhouse to the cold frame.  Surely that deserves half a tick?

So, all in all, hopeless progress.  I’m blushing as I type.  As a consequence my carried forward list is long, but my new additions short.  I need to get a grip!

Carried forward

  • mulch all beds
  • prune and feed remaining roses
  • pot up dahlia tubers
  • chit potatoes (and decide growing approach)
  • sow chillies, tomatoes and hardy annuals
  • plant out broad beans

and new for March

  • plant aubergines
  • finish planning two new beds and start to buy seeds/plants accordingly.

To finish, a couple  more views of the Stoke City Garden at last year Chelsea Flower Show, the inspiration for my new Mid Century bed.

If you’d like to join in with Resolve and Realise, please do, just leave a link to your post in the comments.  Surely no-one can have failed as spectacularly as I have his month?  I’m certainly not judging 😉



View from the works


Those of you who’ve followed Duver Diary from the beginning will know that one of the prompts for me to start this blog was having much more time on my hands having taken voluntary redundancy at the end of 2013.  Some of you might also remember that in my first ‘Resolve and Realise’ post I confessed to terrible procrastination and that, despite having significantly more time, I didn’t seem to get significantly more done.

Well all change!  Something’s been brewing for many a long month and I think it’s time to share – I’ve gone back to work.

Of course from a gardening (and blogging) perspective, life will get rather more complicated as work is City of London based.  And although I’ll be able to work from home sometimes, I also expect to be staying in London an increasing amount of time (but hopefully not more than three nights a week).

But at least I know what to expect.  I weekly commuted from when we moved to the island in 2008 to the end of 2013, and if I’m honest I’ve missed it.  I’ve missed the office camaraderie, the intellectual challenge, the deadlines and wearing heels.  What I’ve haven’t missed are those beautiful mornings when I crossed a sparkling Solent to the mainland, knowing I was leaving my precious garden (and family, but this is a gardening blog, remember!) behind.  But I survived, and so did the garden – and family.

And there are other positives – much easier access to London based gardening events (eg RHS London shows, talks at the Garden Museum) and of course more funds for gardening projects, which brings me to the top picture.

As a return to work treat I have had some hired muscle helping me create my two new beds. The first, opposite the Swing Beds, I’ve decided to call the ‘Half Century bed’, I’m thinking of planting largely with roses and peonies, and the second, the already half dug ‘Bronze Bed’, in front of the long table under the verandah, will be (funnily enough) bronzey orange flowers.

Now some of you might be thinking why, if you’re just returning to work, would you consider increasing the size of your garden?  But I think you’ll be in the minority.  I think most of you will know that gardens aren’t really about practicalities, they’re about dreams.