In a vase on Monday – Celebration!


I seem to have got rather ‘stuck’ using this glass trough and various pinks and greens – but here we go again….

The title this week relates to the big blousy ‘Jubilee Celebration’ roses – and the Saturday wedding of our neighbours’ lovely daughter – what a fabulous do!

All these ‘Jubilee Celebration’ blooms came from one sumptuous branch and I thought rather than leave them on the bush, I’d bring them inside.

To these roses I added some darker pink flower carpet roses and ‘Prince Edward of York’ sweet peas.


And then for contrast Dianthus ‘Green Wicky’ and Zinnia ‘Benary ‘Giant Lime.IMG_4295

Here’s the other side – very much more of the same.IMG_4298

I don’t suppose it’ll be long before there are petals all over the kitchen table, but in the meantime I’m enjoying both the scent and the scene!  IMG_4649 (1)

With thanks to Cathy who hosts all our Monday vases – and has a very impressive array of dahlias to share this week!

17 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Celebration!

  1. Christina

    The green Zinnia is a favourite of mine and I would love to grow the Dianthus but it isn’t available as seed. Chartreuse works perfectly with whatever colour it is put with. This is a lovely arrangement.

  2. Ali

    That is a beautiful arrangement; I really love the colour combination. I have ‘Jubilee Celebration’ and would normally say it is difficult to improve upon a single stem in a vase, but you have definitely enhanced its beauty.

  3. Cathy

    You can keep using this vase and pinks and greens as far as I’m concerned cos they’re lovely! I have seen Jubilee Celebration a few times recently and it’s one I am bearing in mind for when I create space for more roses 😉 The green zinnia is gorgeous with the roses and I especially like the backlit photo – thanks for sharing

      1. Cathy

        You are welcome, Jen – it is very much a part of my life and I am humbled that it brings so much pleasure to so many other people too

  4. Kris P

    Like Cathy, I think you should feel free to feature the pink and green combination as often as you’d like. Those ‘Jubilee Celebration’ roses are incredible and I’m a sucker for green flowers of any and all varieties.


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