In a vase on Monday – home grown?


Saturday saw me at the V&A attending a course by the delightfully creative Susie Beech from A Petal Unfolds, and this is the result.

Susie was wonderfully supportive and helpful with a room full of budding, mostly novice ‘paper florists’ (is that a thing?  I’ve just made that up) and we all came away with a beautiful crepe paper peony.

Some chose a Sarah Bernhardt pink, others more of a coral, but I went with the deep red.  Many of will know I’m not a big red fan but, having inherited a dark red Aga, I decided to go with and allow my bloom to grace the kitchen where, obvs (as the younglings say) the heat of the Aga won’t distress it.

We started with the centreIMG_4367 (2)

then cut out a very precise number of petals, both large and smallIMG_4368

and then stuck them on, petal by petal, around the central stamensIMG_4369

until all the petals were used up.IMG_4374

It was a delightful morning (we’ll gloss over the fact that I was feeling a little worse for wear after rather overdoing the daughter’s 21st birthday celebrations the night before!) and I’d love to attend another workshop.  I’m really tempted by this poppy one in August.  Perhaps I could meet you there?

So, apologies for my bloom not actually being home grown but I’m sure Cathy, who hosts our Monday vases, will forgive me for going off piste.  She’s very liberal like that 😉


6 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – home grown?

  1. Cindy Coghill

    I thought your flower was real until I read on. Very pretty! Looks like a lot of work, but they will last forever and not have to be watered, which is always a plus.

  2. Cathy

    This is absolutely delightful, Jen – and I see she does online courses as well. Did you have a template for the petals and why does it have to be a precise number? Yours looks so realistic as do all of her flowers. I look forward to a posy of peonies in due course!

  3. Peter Herpst

    Your peony is gorgeous! I’d love to attend the poppy workshop with you but, alas, the commute is a bit too far. How did you attach the petals to the peony? (glue? wire?)

  4. Kris P

    Perfection! I suffer from annual bouts of peony envy as they’re very difficult to grow in coastal Southern California – you’ve just pointed me to a solution!


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