In a vase on Monday – Queen Red Lime and friends


I’m embarrassed to say I’ve tried for at least two years to grow Zinnia Queen Red Lime and either germination has been really poor, or I’ve managed not to look after them as seedlings and they’ve damped off and died.

This year I’m really excited that they’re growing and flowering.  At the moment the stems are very short so I used the milk bottle circle to show them off.

I’m sure they’re not to everyone’s taste but I just love the rather sludgy pink of them and decided to go for a rather low key colour scheme to keep them company.IMG_4149

In addition to the two Zinnias (there’s also a green one, Z. Benary’s Giant Lime) I added a rather random mix of Astrantia, poppy seed heads, Erysimum ‘Red Jep’ (bottom left) and a little Sedum.IMG_4148

Here’s a more bird’s eye view.IMG_4147

And to finish, last week’s ‘on a desk’ arrangement.  Yes, more ‘Queen Red Limes’ but altogether a much more sombre palette.  Turns out it was pretty appropriate for last week’s work mood, so this week I’ve picked a much jollier bunch to see if that helps!IMG_4111

With thanks to Cathy who hosts all our Monday vases.


10 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Queen Red Lime and friends

  1. Ali

    Me too! I’m growing her for the first time, and it’s looking promising! I grew zinnias in flowerbeds before, and they got lost, but this year they’re in a raised bed, en masse. Also ‘Cherub Mixed’. I love the slightly bonkers form of a Zinnia. You couldn’t make them up.

  2. Joanna

    Pretty! I’ve had my eye on the Queen Lime Red zinnias for a couple of years and can’t make up my mind if I like them or no…but they look good in your arrangement! I like the “vase” too!

  3. Sam

    I love this zinnia but I haven’t grown any this year. No time for all the care that growing from seeds needs, sadly. You have a lovely selection here. Hope your beautiful work flowers boost the mood!

  4. Elizabeth

    What a lovely display – the bottle circle is perfect for these short-stemmed flowers. I tried to grow zinnias last year and the result was very disappointing. Might give it another try next year.

  5. Nomads By Nature

    The milk bottles are brilliant to show off all those beautifully chosen blooms!! From above it has a lovely wreath effect. Gorgeous!! Your desk arrangement is just as engaging – would love to sit at that table to gaze on them while getting necessary work done.

  6. Peter Herpst

    The bottle group is a delight and I love the view from above which has the look of a floral wreath. The sombre colors of last week’s on a desk arrangement are lovely but I’m sorry that they fit the mood at work. Here’s to a jollier week!

  7. Kris P

    I planted ‘Queen Lime Green’ and ‘Queen Red Lime’ seeds myself this year but they’ve been slow to sprout. Whether that’s because I planted them late, because I didn’t keep them well watered, or because it’s been unusually cool here, I don’t know. Possibly all three. When I found plugs of the red form locally, I decided to cover my bases and put some of those in too. One way or another, I hope I get some flowers as pretty as yours soon.


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