In a vase on Monday – Spring!


As mentioned in yesterday’s brief post, I finally got out into the garden on Sunday for an extended session.  However, my enthusiastic chopping back resulted in a few casualties so I put them on one side to add to a vase.

The first two blooms were Cerinthe, and then some rather leggy Erysimum ‘Red Jep’.  IMG_3964

Consequently, I thought initially I might make a rather strong ‘jewel’coloured vase, but I was so excited to see all the daffodils blooming that I changed tack completely and went for a much more vanilla look, with the Erysimum in particular largely lost in the mix.

To various white Hellebores I added some of my favourite ‘Jenny’ Narcissi.IMG_3960

I have no idea where the yellow pot came from, but I like the way it picks up on Jenny’s trumpets.  It could have done with some chicken wire inside to help keep things in place, but it’s all holding steady so far.

Hoping you all have a wonderful ‘springy’ week, whatever the weatherman says!IMG_3967

With thanks to Cathy who hosts all our Monday vases.

12 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Spring!

  1. Peter Herpst

    So pretty! Great combination of daffodils and hellebores illustrating this marvelous season of transition from winter to spring!

  2. Cathy

    Oh this is gorgeous Jen and so bountiful – we have missed your vases! The combination of hellebores with Jenny and the cerinthe is perfect and you chose well – thanks for sharing it. I rather like this narcissus and might consider it for next year. Is she a good do-er?

  3. Kris P

    I love this combination, Jen. You’ve also just prodded me to have a look around for Cerinthe in my own garden. They usually seed themselves about without any help from me but I can’t recall seeing a single plant this year.

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