Catching up!


It hasn’t been my best gardening/blogging year so far, not least as I failed to blog last weekend at all, and hence missed posting these unusually snowy scenes whilst still germane.

I’ve definitely struggled with the weather this year, and whilst I know the Isle of Wight has suffered less than many places, I’ve been spoilt since we moved here, and have struggled to rise to the numerous meteorological challenges posed!

Today, however, was finally different.  Not only am I exceedingly overexcited by an extra hour’s daylight (I am SO useless at getting going in the morning) but I finally got out in the garden for hours rather than minutes.  And, having worried that my gardening mojo had gone the way of spring (ie lost!) everything came together in a fabulous few hours of cathartic chopping back and rose pruning.

I found myself, more than once, doing something I used to tease my mother for – randomly smiling at garden ‘things.’  It was so lovely to be outside ‘doing’ rather inside attempting to plan, but somehow failing to do even that.

I’m terribly behind but, with a long weekend coming up, I hope all can start to be licked into shape quite quickly.

And of course, if there’s one thing I saw today, it’s that the garden is waking up perfectly well without my help.IMG_3953

3 thoughts on “Catching up!

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  2. Cathy

    Randomly smiling at garden ‘things’? I am definitely with you there, Jen! Hope the weather permits you to spend some of your extended weekend on more gardening tasks 😀


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