In a vase on Monday – all white now


Happily, not only did I not succumb to the flu, but my three family ‘sicknotes’ are all recovered, hence part of the reason for the title.  The second one is obvious, the blooms are, pretty much, all white.

I have very little white in the garden, not because I don’t like it, but because I don’t like mixing it with other colours (hence my white themed planting in the Grass Bed last summer of just white Cosmos, Malope and Erigeron). 

What prompted today’s vase was the waft of Sarcococca scent I got when taking my ‘End of Month view’ photos earlier today.  The Sarcococca was planted as a tiny specimen and this is the first year it’s been large enough to smell ‘in passing’ (ie rather than grovelling on hands and knees for a sniff!)  Consequently, I thought it would be lovely to cut a couple of stems for the house.

Thinking I’d go with a white theme, I then added some stems of Leucojum (Giant Snowflake),IMG_3880

and some little stems of the evergreen Coleonema ‘Sunset Gold’.   This is now a large plant at the top of the ‘lavender’ steps, bought years ago as a good foliage plant.  The fact that it also produces such exquisite little star shaped blooms at an otherwise bloom-free time of year is a massive bonus.  Like the Sarcococca, I’ve never it picked for a vase before, so I’m not sure how well it will last.


Lastly I added a couple of stems of Clematis cirrhosa ‘Freckles’.  This is currently providing a veritable curtain across the front of the swing, and although most blooms are either over, or distinctly tatty, a few are still perfect.IMG_3885

The photos were taken with flash (something I usually try to avoid), as the light was so poor by the time I’d come inside.  However, for once, I like the effect as the flash helps to highlight the white against the dark granite surface.IMG_3887

Whilst the vase was put together on Sunday, this morning I’ve really enjoyed having the scent wafting around the kitchen.  In fact, bearing in mind how small the stems are, they pack a wonderful perfumed punch and I can’t believe I didn’t think to cut a little sprig last year.  I’m not sure how long the scent will last, but as I’m leaving for London again early tomorrow, I’m sure it will see me out!

With thanks to Cathy, at Rambling in the Garden who’s sharing a lovely spring display this week and, as usual, hosting all our Monday vases.

12 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – all white now

  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    Last night I had a dream that my hellebores were blooming. Not to be so but it is fun seeing your hellebore blooms. Happy IAVOM.

  2. Christina

    I love white flowers but I agree with you that they don’t always mix with other colours. I have a Sarcococca in a pot by the back door but I’m finding the perfume rather strange; sometimes it smells as sweet as I think it should at other times there is a distinct whiff of urine about it. Have you noticed that?

  3. Noelle

    So pleased you are all right on the Isle of Wight…the white arrangement is really charming. Your vase consisting of lots of small bottles in a circular holder is just the ticket for displaying small pieces from your garden. Clematis cirrhosa ‘Freckles gives just the right degree of added colour with its little pink freckles.

  4. pbmgarden

    Glad you pushed away the flu. The white vase is charming. I was given a small Sarcococca a few years ago and in trying to provide it shade I planted it too far away to catch its scent. Coleonema ‘Sunset Gold’ is unfamiliar to me–I like its little flowers.

  5. Cathy

    Yes, glad to hear you are a healthy household again now, Jen, even if you are esacping back to teh Big Smoke anyway! I have found sarcococca so useful for vases and posies for friends – it is so generous with its blooms and the glossy foliage is a great backdrop d=so with the frargrance too its a real all-rounder. Leucojum is a perfect partner (mine are in bud, I noticed) and your coleonema looks a really pretty plant too. Good to see this circular vase thingy again – most effective. Thanks for sharing and have a good week Jen

  6. carrotsandcalendula

    A great combination of whites. I want to plant a Sarcococca for next year as I love smelling them in other peoples’ gardens as I walk down the street. Your Leucojums are lovely as well – are they early this year?

  7. Donna@GardensEyeView

    I too love white flowers all on their own so I don’t mix many white blooms with colors except in a spring vase…..this is lovely and so many white blooms in your garden now, how lucky! Hoping all are feeling better. I too had the flu and then 2 weeks later another nasty virus I am still working through…a tough winter!

  8. Alison C

    This is very pretty and what a lovely little set of vases too. My sarcocca is just big enough to cut the odd sprig and it filled the house with fragrance for days. The little Coleonema flowers are exquisite and so is Freckles.


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