In a vase on Monday – Anya and friends


Taking photos for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (just posted) I realised that the lovely Hellebore, Helleborus ‘Anya Oudolf’ was flowering, and was prompted to bring a stem inside.IMG_3837

One thing led to another and I picked a few stems of my favourite wallflower, Erysimum ‘Red Jep’ to highlight her gorgeous dark red veining, as well as a couple of plain green flowers of the less special Helleborus argutifolius.  IMG_3840

Looking around for some foliage, I realised the Helichrysum petiolare leaves were a good match for the Hellebore flowers and added a few stems to the mix.

As so often when prompted by Cathy’s inspiring In a vase on Monday meme, there’s more to discover, even in January, than you expect!

So, Cathy,  thanks as ever for hosting, but thanks too for prompting me to leave the house!  It’s currently full of flu – husband still too weak to accompany me on dog walk in the pouring rain, son retreated to bed and daughter’s return to uni put back by a week – so I’ve been caught up with nursing duties ever since I got back from London on Thursday.

Thankfully I’m not yet affected, but I can’t help but worry it’s only a matter of time and off to London early tomorrow….


8 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Anya and friends

  1. Christina

    You’re so lucky to have Hellebores; it is far too hot for them here! As you would expect Helleborus ‘Anya Oudolf’ is very special, how lovely to have such a beauty named after one.

  2. Cathy

    Oh I hope you manage to avoid the lurgy, Jen – so many people have been laid low by it. What a stunning hellebore Anya is, and how well you have complemented it with the wallflower and the helichrysum – your little display is gorgeous!

  3. Chloris

    A lovely hellebore and I definitely have to find that wallflower, what a gorgeous colour. Sorry to hear you have a houseful of flu, we have had it here, it takes ages to get back on your feet.

  4. Kris P

    I hope you manage to avoid that flu! If not, I hope your grateful husband and children are then well enough to wait on you hand and foot. Your vase is a lovely compilation of flowers and foliage. I’ve never seen that hellebore before.


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