In a vase on Monday – Moody loos


So I popped into the garden at lunch time to pick some blooms and it really looked like the end of the world.  The light was a deep orangey/black, apparently caused by Saharan sand whipped up by Hurricane Ophelia.  Weird!

This equally moody amalgamation consists solely of blooms from the mid century bed – Dahlia ‘La Recoleta’


Rosa ‘Munstead Wood’ (just seen bottom left) and Salvia.  Not sure which this one is, but it has a delicious blackcurrant scent to the leaves.IMG_3623

And why the title?  I think you can guess..

With thanks to Cathy who hosts all our vases, wherever we put them!

8 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Moody loos

  1. Kris P

    I was initially perplexed by the title! It’s a lovely arrangement, wherever you choose to put it. I hope no harm comes your way as a byproduct of Ophelia.

  2. Cathy

    Gosh, what a rich and sumptuous vase that is, as shown in your first picture especially. I wonder what that salvia might be as it looks such an interesting colour – is it fairly hardy? Great title by the way 🙂


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