In a vase on Monday – three seasons in a day – and thwarted Thursday!


Let’s start with late spring, exemplified by sweet peas, together with the Panicum ‘Frosted Explosion.

Followed by summer, with Malope trifida ‘Alba’, Cosmos ‘Psyche White’ and Nicandra physalodes (Shoo-fly).IMG_3364

And autumn, with a mix of Dahlias, Salvias, Cosmos and late flushing roses (Pat Austin and Munstead Wood). IMG_3362

The arrangements above were all created on Saturday, which sadly was too late for Thursday’s island birthday celebrations for the OH.  

We were having dinner in a local restaurant, with drinks at home first.  I’d hoped to arrange flowers for the house, and had even wondered about taking some little arrangements to the restaurant.

Sadly, thanks to a signal failure and swans on the line (yes really), my attempts to get back from London by early afternoon on Thursday were badly thwarted and I got through the door at around 6, with guests arriving at 6.30.

Obviously a sane woman would have forgotten the flowers and gone and got changed, but not yours truly.  No, I went running around the garden gathering a great armful of blooms and was still shoving them in a huge vase as the first guests arrived…

The result, photographed a day later, looks rather sad, but I promise it did look a little better on the night (and a little less flat in the middle).  IMG_3309

With thanks to Cathy who hosts all our Monday vases.

8 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – three seasons in a day – and thwarted Thursday!

  1. Joanna

    All of these are so wonderfully beautiful! I love David Austin roses and Munstead Wood is one of my favorites, but it’s too cold to grow it here.

  2. Cathy

    Oh Jen, I guess juggling plates is your party trick…?! Glad the celebrations went well, even though a little rushed 🙂 And what a great assortment of vases you have produced – the explosive pastel one and the gorgeous white (note to self: grow white malope next year) and then the autumnal offering too… all lovely

  3. Kris P

    Swans on the line?! You must explain that! Your cross-seasons floral arrangements are wonderful, as is your hastily assembled celebratory birthday vase. My priorities run along similar lines…

  4. Edinburgh Garden Diary

    Goodness, what a scramble to get home in time, and well done for prioritising the flowers (I would have done the same). Couldn’t pick a favourite from your three gorgeous vases but I love the freshness of the white summer vase, and that panicum is incredible, rather like those optic fibre lights that were all the rage a wee while ago. Also the name ‘Panicum’ makes me think it would be a good addition to your vase put together in a tearing hurry :o)

  5. Cathy

    They are all lovely arrangements! I really love that white Cosmos. And that last vase is gorgeous, despite being rushed! (Good thing you didn’t have to cook that dinner!)


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