In a vase on Monday – Collapsed Cosmos


I’m hopeless at staking plants, so sadly, as the wet and windy weather hit over the weekend, some huge ‘branches’ of Cosmos ‘Psyche White’ broke off, so I salvaged them for a kitchen vase.

I love ‘Psyche White’.  Whilst ‘Purity’ is another favourite, I think I prefer ‘Psyche White’s’ rather mad petals.  IMG_3089

To the Cosmos I added some Malope trifida ‘Alba’.  I grew them from seed for the first time this year and sowed them really late, so they’ve only just got going.

They are growing in the Grass Bed with the Cosmos, and these too were a little floppy – although happily not actually broken – so will hopefull bounce back once they dry off.IMG_3091

As well as the almost blue white flowers, I love the bright green buds – such a fresh colour when so much of the green in the garden is starting to look rather dreary and brown.IMG_3092

With thanks, as ever, to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden who hosts all our Monday vases.



11 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Collapsed Cosmos

  1. Eliza Waters

    The same thing happened last week to my tall sunflowers and I ended up with three broken branches of lemony blooms – it gives us an excuse to make an extravagant arrangement we would otherwise never cut. Yours is beautiful!

  2. Sam

    As Eliza says, you’d probably not cut so many flowers from the garden for a vase so windfall flowers are a good excuse for exuberance! This is really lovely – I love the bright-green of the Malope buds.

  3. Cathy

    This huge bunch of whites look so stylish – something I could emulate as Purity has a good hold in one of my cutting beds! How tall is Psyche White? Like the look of the white malope too. Hope you haven’t had too much damage, Jen

  4. Cath

    Psyche White does look quite different – Purity is lighter and more fluffy. I like the presence of Psyche. I suppose it’s the extra weight which makes it susceptible to wind. Fantastic to have so many for the vase though, it looks lovely.

  5. Kris P

    I learned the value of staking (or rather the trials of failing to stake) with my dahlias this year. Your cosmos are beautiful! ‘Psyche White’ is a cultivar I’ve never seen but I’ll be looking for some seeds to sow next year.

  6. Cathy

    That is such a lovely vase! The broken stems were not a tragedy at all as you can enjoy the flowers up close now. 😉 I like the petals on this white one and will look out for it when I buy seeds for next spring. 🙂


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