In a vase on Monday – Orange overload!


Finally some time this weekend to fiddle with flowers!

I spent a lovely hour making a few arrangements including the kitchen one above.  Sedum heads were joined by an exuberant mix of  Dahlias ‘Zundert Mystery Fox’ and ‘Happy Single Date’IMG_3009

as well as Rosa ‘Pat Austin’.IMG_3008

More Dahlias was plonked in the relatively new small glass trough – ‘Roxy’ and ‘Hillcrest Royal’ together with Cosmos ‘Rubenza’IMG_3012

And lastly, a trio of sherbet pink blooms for the long oak table.


These contained a random mix of bits and pieces to accompany the Rosa ‘Jubilee Celebration’ including a few odd sweet peas (‘Prince Edward’ the dark one below), Antirrhinum ‘Orange Wonder’, Panicum ‘Frosted Explosion’, Diascia personata


together with mint leaves and even a peachy Pelargonium.


As ever I’m joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden who hosts the IaVoM meme.  Why don’t you pop over to see who else has been fiddling with flowers today?

7 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Orange overload!

  1. Linda from Each LIttle World

    Your first vase had me oohing and aahing. But then to see the others! What a wealth of blooms you have in your garden. And no better way to enjoy them than in the house and on the table where you can really see and smell them. Just lovely.

  2. Cathy

    Oh you clearly have the places where your vases can be seen!! I thought just the same as Linda when I read through your post and still can’t be sure which appeals most so I shall just enjoy them all 🙂 Will definitely grow Cosmos Rubenza myself next year. How did you get on with Frosted Explosion? I only had a few seeds germinate and I must remember to use my few explosions in a vase whilst they are still around…! Thanks or sharing your abundance today, Jen

  3. Kris P

    All 6 vases are absolutely wonderful. As Linda said, I was more impressed by each new reveal. The trio you used on your oak table do look good enough to eat! (And now I’m hungry with lunch time here still a couple of hours away.)

  4. Eliza Waters

    LOVE the pastel colors in the trio – old-fashioned, almost Victorian. The orange/green combo is so eye-catching. Burgundy dahlias seem to be the flower of the week. 😉

  5. Sam

    All gorgeous but I particularly love the trio of pink blooms. All your flowers look so perfect – not a nibble in sight! I’ve missed doing IAVOM (either not at home or too busy) so it’s lovely to enjoy seeing yours.


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