End of Month View – May 2017

The Frustrated Gardener said the other day “if a garden doesn’t look merry in May, there’s a problem” and although I’m thrilled mine has survived our recent absence (thanks to the dogsitter’s kind ministrations) it’s not ideal that it’s so merry now, as it will doubtless be looking rather exhausted by the garden opening in four weeks’ time!  Ah well, at least I can share with you.

So, this view is the Mid Century bed looking across the Lavender bed to the incredibly flowery Leptospermum beyond.  Here it is with an invasion of self seeded Valerian keeping it company.

In the right hand Lavender Bed the peonies are just about to burst

whilst in the left hand one (aside from miles of Convolvulus)  there is my ‘old’ Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’ and new E. ‘Red Jep,’ lots of pinks and my little Silk Tree.

The Swing Beds are wallowing in multiple roses as well as yellow soldiers of Sisyrinchium and pink Diascia personata.

Conversely, the Grass Bed is in a sorry state, with little to entertain except tatty forget me nots and self seeded Nasturtiums and Poppies.  This is due a big clear out and will be planted with annuals, hopefully next weekend.

The Veg Patch has moved on from this picture, as I’ve now planted out runner beans and sweet peas.  I’m intending to plant further flowers for cutting here, so have only erected two sets of bamboos this year.

The fleece to the right is to protect the strawberries in the lower bed,  but we’ve now moved it off the wall as it was forcing the Agapanthus flower heads into such awkward twists I felt compelled to liberate them!

At the other end of the garden the Oak Bed has its summer foliage on, with the lovely Cercis, the Sambucus (and indeed the over-the-road-oak) in full leaf.

The Pat Austin roses in the Bronze Bed are doing their cantaloupe thing, and will hopefully soon be joined by Achillea ‘Terracotta’ with Dahlia ‘Happy Single Date’ to follow later in the summer.

I’m still planting up pots, with the troughs by far the largest.  The plan here is a trailing sweet pea ‘Cupid’s Pink’ at the front together with a shorter Cosmos ‘Antiquity’ behind, but there seems to have been a bit of a mix up with the Cosmos lables, so I could end up with any one of four different varieties.  Oops.

Other pots which have largely overwintered are looking far more established – Pelargonium ‘Surcouf,’

a bonkers bath full,

a restocked barrow

and a restrained pot.

In the greenhouse I’ve finally planted out the tomatoes and cucumbers, but just look what greeted me on my return from holiday.  Just imagine the scent!




8 thoughts on “End of Month View – May 2017

  1. The Frustrated Gardener

    It all looks marvellous to me. Very merry indeed. I have all sorts of envy – space, greenhouse, melianthus – and I am sure your visitors will do too. Beware the trap Beverley Nichols writes hilariously about of becoming the type of gardener that starts everything with ‘if only you’d been here last week, the X looked fabulous’. I do it all the time. Having read his scathing chapter on the subject I now try to desist … and your visitors will be none the wiser. They are very privileged to have access to your garden at all 🙂

  2. Christina

    I came home to masses of deer peas too, such joy to have them this year. Plus thanks to I have some Agapanthus seedlings growing. How long did yours take to flower?

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Christina, it was, I think, three or four years – but mine were stuck far too long in seed trays. If you’re kinder to yours, hopefully they’ll flower in the second year!

  3. Cathy

    That’s exciting about agapanthus seedlings – although mine are still in their first year! I have taken note of what Dan said and am not going to sigh at all the roses being in full bloom here and will remember that there will be things flowering in 3 weeks that aren’t flowering now so visitors will have to takethe garden as it is – like they will for yours. I love your huge troughs (and hope the cosmos go according to plan!)!


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