In a vase on Monday – mauving in the right direction?


It’s been a busy old Easter weekend with a trip to the dump on Friday (!) the mainland on Saturday, plenty of ‘housey’ issues to sort, and a college deadline to draw 10 construction drawings of steps, walls etc which I only started on Sunday (aaargh!) and am still struggling through.

Consequently, and sadly, gardening and blogging seem to have got rather squeezed out.  However, some things are important and, although I’ve taken photos for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day (due on the 15th!) I thought I’d allow myself a blogging minute and instead of catching up with that, I’m catching up with Cathy and all her lovely gang who take part in In a Vase on Monday.

My vase this week is a purple affair of Cerinthe major purpurescens, together with Tulip Queen of the Night.IMG_2340

Further purple is provided by the stalwart Erysimum Bowles Mauve,

and the whole lot lightened up by the pretty Narcissus Lieke.  The vase itself is another from Repeat Repeat (see larger one here).  I persuaded my sister to by this for the OH as a Christmas present (and I bought an even smaller one).  I just love the simple relief pattern.  They do mugs too, but so far I’ve resisted!IMG_2338

With thanks to Cathy who hosts all our vases, and provides a calm, flowery oasis to Mondays.

Right, literally, back to the drawing board!

10 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – mauving in the right direction?

  1. Cathy

    Good luck with your drawing project. The vase is really very lovely – nice to see the cerinthe already and what a very pretty little narcissus ‘Lieke’ is! I’d get the mugs if I were you, that pattern/shape is delightlful.

  2. Cathy

    Haha – so no an especially enjoyable chaos then! Hope the project goes OK which once you knuckle down to it I am sure it will. Your mauving vase is so pretty – the white of the narcissus and the vase is such a clean contrast with the tulip and cerinthe and erysimum. Thanks for sharing

  3. Bec

    Beautiful vase – I love purple flowers and I’ve got some great purple tulips ready for next week’s vase. Ive got red and yellow ones in my vase next week. I hope you have a less hectic week next week 🙂 love bec xx

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