In a vase on Monday – Twiggy!

IMG_1697 (1)

Just a quick, late vase this week.

And not my vase, and not my twigs, but instead this week’s offering comes from the beautiful Tilton House where I spent the weekend on a yoga retreat with my daughter.

The kitchen dining area had a number of these simple branches displayed and they were so effective at capturing the essence of spring.

And as for the ‘Twiggy’ title, I’d love to say that’s the look I’m modelling after all my yoga, but I’m afraid  the delicious Tilton food more than undid the calories expended.

Ommmm  (or should that be Yummmmm!)

With thanks as ever to Cathy for hosting our all our vases.  Why don’t you pop over to Rambling in the Garden to see what other have put together this week?





4 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Twiggy!

  1. Cathy

    That really is effective, and yet so simple! I will have to try that as the leaves are just starting to emerge on the hedges here. 🙂

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