In a vase on Monday – twice as nice!


Not a vase but a pot this week, and one that has been giving joy for over a month now thanks to two sets of bulbs.

Firstly I had the Crocus chrysanthus ‘Miss Vain’.  img_1561

In this photo above you can see that the pot is doughnut shaped and is watered by pouring water into the central ‘funnel’.  The water is absorbed through the terracotta over time, and it seems to be a really efficient system.

I got the pot in Ikea when uni shopping for my daughter last September, and I’ve been thrilled with it.

One of the reasons I chose white crocuses was because of the white glazed ‘plate’.  This came with the pot and obviously protects any surface you place it on, consequently, rather than just opt for Tete a tete (which I love) to follow the Crocuses, I searched for another small daffodil with white in, and came up with this one – N. Canaliculatus.

It’s dainty, scented and has multiple heads – what a beaut!IMG_2183

Why don’t you have a look on Cathy’s site to see what others have in their vases on this beautiful spring day?IMG_2184

7 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – twice as nice!

  1. Cathy

    That is a most intriguing pot Jen, something to look out for the next time I am in IKEA, whenever that might be, although it may have been discontinued by then! 😉 Good planning of your bulbs too, for all those weeks of pretty whites – thanks for sharing

  2. Kris P

    Sweet blooms! I miss my crocus but they’re a bad investment here. I planted 100 or more when I moved in but they quickly died out, with fewer and fewer making an appearance until this year there were none – I expect we’re just too hot in the summer and too warm in the winter for them.

  3. Julie@peonies&posies

    What a lovely pot full of spring joy – I do love to have spring flowers in pots at eye level and that is a very intriguing design – I am sure it will be even more useful in high summer when terracotta pots tend to dry out very quickly.


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