In a vase on Monday – Through a vase, darkly


Having been away last weekend, it feels like the garden has moved on significantly in a fortnight.  One plant, Euphorbia characias Wulfennii, to me epitomises spring with its fresh, zingy, lime green flower heads, and it has self seeded in a number of places.  The fact that those places aren’t necessarily the ones I would have chosen, made cutting it for today’s vase seem like a good idea.  img_2146

In the photo above you can also glimpse a branch of a very leggy pink tipped Hebe, which I was also happy to sacrifice as, too be honest, the whole plant should probably come out.

To these I added some gorgeous Hellebore blooms.  Whilst I recognise they don’t last as long in the vase as they do in the garden, I also recognise that if they’re in the house I will see much more of them so, snip!img_2145

I do like the contrast between the dark and the ‘zing’.  Why don’t you go to Cathy’s website Rambling in the Garden to see what others have put together in their vases this weeks?



12 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Through a vase, darkly

  1. Christina

    The zingy acid greens looks wonderful with your Hellebores. I do agree about cutting to bring into the house; I used not to want to pick flowers from the garden but I enjoy them in the house so much and as you say, I see them much more.

  2. Cathy

    The hellebores look more of a mahogany colour and thus very different from the more sugary pinks we are used to – and of course the euphorbia makes a great contrast and I like the way the stems have the uniqueness of their bendy stems. Thanks for sharing

  3. Kris P

    The hellebore and Euphorbia blooms make an inspired color mix. I was tempted to cut some Euphorbia myself yesterday but was concerned about the sap seepage – did you treat your stems in any way before adding them to the vase?

  4. Cathy

    Ooh, what a great combination! I agree, snip the hellebores and enjoy them while they are at their peak, even if they don’t last all that long.

  5. Alison C

    Yes, the contrast is very pleasing. I love the dark hellebores. I think that, however long you spend in the garden, you spend more time inside – so bring things in to enjoy.


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