End of Month View – February 2017


The Shady Bed is looking good despite the gloom.  Here is probably the largest clump of Hellebores and they’re joined by the sweetly scented Sarcococca and the constant Fatsia japonica.

Elsewhere, the main view is very gloomy (not helped by timing my photos an hour before some watery sunshine emerged).img_2116

In the troughs there are plenty of shoots, but as yet no colour.  Did I mention that I’d replaced the old Stocks at the back with new cuttings?  And whilst they don’t seem to be making much progress, the self seeded Cerinthe in the path in front is romping away…img_2120

The Swing Beds are still looking quite full but hardly flowery.  Many herbaceous plants still need a cut back, as do the roses, which are looking extremely wild and woolly.img_2121

The two Clematis cirrhosa ‘Freckles’ are still blooming well on the pergola, but definitely rather tatty on close inspection.  And I fear pruning the Rosa St Swithun growing amongst them is going to be a little challenging!


More bulbous shoots in the Grass Bed, but as yet no blooms here either.img_2124

I’ve pruned all the roses in the Mid Century bed, but still haven’t attacked the Salvias.  In the foreground you can see some overwintered Antirrhinum which look closer to flowering than some of the bulbs!

The soil level has fallen in this bed again this year


so lucky I’m prepared!


On the other side of the garden in the Oak Bed the Hamamelis (H. Arnold’s Promise) is glowing against the wall.  It probably deserves rescuing from all that dead foliage!img_2133

In the Bronze Bed the Narcissi ‘Cragford’ are the furthest advanced of all my daffodils and will soon be ready to ‘pop’.


Also ready to pop any minute, my other Hamamelis, H. Aphrobite.  Just a couple of blooms so far, but much promise and such a lovely colour.img_2135

In the greenhouse, the Winter Sunshine Sweet Peas have now been planted out,img_2128

there are seeds stirring in the damp darkness (I hope)img_2129

and on the windowsill a few perky Muscari latifolium, returned again from the Wedding Flowers of two years ago.  Step niece Hannah (whose wedding it was) is now proud mum to Hamish so, looking at the colour, I should probably have sent them over!)img_2126

And to finish, you can’t beat a jolly pot of ‘Tete a Tete’.img_2137

With thanks to Helen at the Patient Gardener for hosting everyone’s EoMV.

5 thoughts on “End of Month View – February 2017

  1. jane

    Great to see your photos, even with the gloom! I get so frustrated at the way the weather at this time of year seems to conspire to make sure the sun shines only when I can’t get out to take pictures. Your post has reminded me to get out there with a camera whatever the weather. Your garden looks wonderful!

  2. hoehoegrow

    Thankyou for the tour which was much enjoyed! Lots to love in your garden esp. the Hamamelis, which really glows. I did have a stab of plant envy though, as I can never grow Cerinthe and have to really future them from seed every year, only to see them sicken and die in the garden (why do I keep trying ??). Then I see that yours are self seeded and looking in positively rude health!

  3. Linnae

    I love to see all your blooms! The hellebores are especially lovely. I am eager to get on with spring chores, too–once the snow melts.

  4. Cathy

    Your shady bed is especially lovely with all those hellebores, and lots of intersting shoots elsewhere too. Is your H Aphrodite usually this late to begin flowering? How do you prune your salvias – down to the lowest new shoot? I am very hesitant about pruning the couple of mine that have survived the winter…


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