Seedy spreadsheets!

Today marked the beginning of seed sowing for 2017 with nine varieties sown.

Despite being more restrained with my purchases this year, leftovers from last season mean there are still over 80 seed packets vying for my attention and consequently a spreadsheet is called for.   And, as I already spend plenty of time working with spreadsheets, it has taken a week or two to knuckle down to preparing it, but now it’s done and I’m off!img_1553

There are old favourites like Cosmos ‘Psyche White’ above, Malope trifida ‘Vulcan’IMG_8530

and Molucella laevis,


but I’m also trying again with one I’ve always struggled with – Nicotiana alata ‘Lime Green’ (why can I grow all sorts of other Nicotiana but not this one?)

In addition there are some new varieties including Nasturtium ‘Jewel Cherry Rose’ which I saw growing at Sarah Raven’s when I went to her ‘Feast’ in 2014 and a new Helianthus on me, H. ‘Double Dandy’, described as ‘soft brown and crimson’.  We’ll see!

On the veg front, again some stalwarts such as Courgette ‘Romanesco’ and mini Cucumber ‘La Diva’


but also new varieties Courgette ‘Blanca di Trieste’ and Cucumber ‘Crystal Lemon’ as well as Sweet Pepper ‘Alma Paprika’.

However, I’ve realised today that I haven’t bought any new tomato seeds and, although I have some left from last year, I think further purchases are called for.  There really is no hope!

What are you growing from seed this year?  And what wouldn’t you be without?

4 thoughts on “Seedy spreadsheets!

  1. jane

    Great to be reminded that it’s time to get going! I’ve completed the seed sorting, list writing, grand planning stage. Just haven’t got round to the sowing bit yet. Your post has spurred me on! And I’m always amazed by how different plants ‘do’ in different gardens – Nicotiana Lime Green is one of the few annuals that self seeds on my heavy clay soil. Love the look of the Malope by the way. Happy sowing!

  2. Christina

    I’ve been sowing things since January – the light levels are higher here so I can. I love Romanesco courgette too, I only grow that one. I sowed ‘Lime Green’ for the first time this year it germinated very quickly and with high % success. Perhaps your seed wasn’t fresh.

  3. digwithdorris

    I am impressed by your spreadsheets. I couldn’t be without cosmos or calendulas. I have got cucumber, borlotti beans, French beans, various lettuce, courgettes, sweet corn but I will buy tomatoes as plugs later in the season.

  4. Cathy

    I was trying to see what your column headings were, as you have more than me, I think! Such a useful thing to do. I definitely need to go back to my one from last year and see what I sowed that I haven’t got for this year yet – certainly need more sweet peas. I too am trying Nasturtium ‘Cherry Rose’, in the hope that I can get it to rail through some of my borders – a pink nasturtium almost seems too good to be true! I am growing more dahlias from seed this year, and a few more perennials as well


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