In a vase on Monday -fishing for compliments!


Last Wednesday I received an email from Erin at Floret flowers about her imminent book launch.

And, whilst I know it will never happen, I do still hanker after a new life as an incredibly successful Flower Farmer (you know, the sort who wafts through fields of blooms on sunny days – apparently like Erin – not the sort who regularly gets up before dawn and has permanently grubby nails, I have those already).  So, I went onto a well known site I really should embargo and pre-ordered said book. Whilst there, I found myself clicking on all sorts of related tomes and another one fell into my digital basket, “The Flower Workshop” by Ariella Chezar.

It arrived on Saturday and absolutely made my morning.  After a chilly, blustery dog walk, I snuggled down with coffee and book and was in flowery heaven until the OH returned from golf and the usual chaos ensued.

Consequently I’ve been inspired to return to IaVoM, despite a paucity of blooms to pick from (and certainly not the peachiest, gorgeousist blooms my new friend Ariella had to play with).

So here it it is, a play on green and white, with a sacrifice of a few Hellebore blooms which weren’t getting their due attention in the garden.  The Hellebores are supported by new Cerinthe major purpurescens growth, similar hued Euphorbia myrsinites and then bulked out with Viburnum tinus.img_2108

I was trying to do one of those ‘sweeps’ from high right to low left, but not sure I exactly achieved that.

Ariella is a big fan of the ‘compote’ – what she calls a footed wide vase.  I do have one of those but was lacking either chicken wire or a ‘frog’ and floral putty, so I made do with my lovely sister-bought Orla Keily vase, but I think it made ‘sweeping’ a little trickier.

And why the title?  Well, look what also got placed in the hall this week:img_2111

With thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden who hosts this lovely meme.

16 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday -fishing for compliments!

  1. Cathy

    Yes, I wonder if I would have been running a nursery or a flower farm in another life – but we know we wouldn’t be the people we are without the life we have had, so I have no regrets. I guess your now-back-to-5-day-a-week job is not remotely plant related… Your almost monochrome arrangement works really well, whatever its shape orthe container thatit is in – and the hellebores look so perky, don’t they? Thanks for sharing

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Thanks Cathy, and no, the job’s City based so no, no plants involved. (Although it does give me the excuse to be in London so I can go to my college course!)

  2. Hannah

    Your green arrangement is lovely, Jen, I do see the sweep. My Hellebores are still just in bud, so I enjoy seeing yours blooming, and the E. myrsinites is almost floral in impact too. My sister is going to try to make it as a flower grower, I feel like it would be a lot of work and uncertain in results. I get more satisfaction out of growing vegetables.

  3. Kris Peterson

    I keep up with Floret Farm’s blog and have been enticed by it to make purchases of my own, most recently a dozen dahlia tubers. If only I was a decade (or 2) younger, I might do something with that flower farmer dream but I’m making do with a rudimentary cutting garden and IAVOM. Your latest creation is wonderful – I love those subtle variations of green and white. The fish tank makes a nice complement too!

  4. Julie@peonies&posies

    That is one of my favourite books Jen – Ariella makes it all look so easy! Those footed compote dishes are all over America right now but more difficult to locate over here – filled with chicken wire they do make the sweeping look much easier. Your tonal arrangement looks great though. I also have Erin’s book on pre order & am looking forward to spending a few hours drooling over it!!

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Julie, yes it’s certainly a gorgeous looking book and, thinking about it, perhaps I can see her influence in some of your lovely vases?
      I’ll think of you when I’m reading Erin’s!

  5. Cathy

    Love that Euphorbia combined with the hellebores. 🙂 Yes, I sometimes dream of going out into my perfectly tended garden in a floppy hat to cut my perfect flowers with perfect weather every day…. but real life is also okay! 😉

  6. Edinburgh Garden Diary

    Ah, there’s nothing like a floristry book, is there. I bet that was heaven, sitting reading through the wonderful pages. A beautiful combination with the hellebores, which I feel always deserve to be brought indoors, because after all, who is out there looking at the poor things in these temperatures?


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