This time last year, prompted by a Black Friday deal from Chilterns Seeds, I went a bit mad with my seed purchasing:IMG_0089

And whilst I did plant the vast majority, some never got beyond the seed tray where they languished, sad and spindly, until I threw them out recently.  What a waste.

Reflecting on my reducing spare time (and likely move to full time working, with possibly even a fourth day in London every week, gulp) I decided that I really should curb my seed habit and curtail the number I grow in 2017.

And yet….

First of all I read Dan’s wonderful ‘Little Miracle’ account of growing Canarina canariensis from seed in the Frustrated Gardener, then I had a look at the Chiltern ‘preview catalogue’ for 2017 and finally, faced with the soggy mass of Hosta vegetation (above), what couldn’t I ignore?  Oh look:img_1909

My ‘real’ babies are adult now, but just think how many plant ones I can have!

Here we go again…..

6 thoughts on “Babies!

  1. Chloris

    Nothing nicer on a cold winter’ s evening than to sit down with Chiltern’ s catalogue and dream. And don’ t we all get carried away and buy far too many seeds?

  2. Sam

    I, too, suffer from over-enthusiastic garden planning 🙂 Gosh, working four days a week away… You’ll have to keep your weekends clear for working in the garden! Hope all’s well. Sam x

  3. Cathy

    And so it goes on… 😉 I haven’t seen a Chiltern catalogue for a year or two – but that’s perhaps as well from what you and Chloris are saying! You must really love your job, Jen – big decision though


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