Lazy Sunday afternoon?


As some of you know, I’m in my second year of a Level 3 Certificate in Garden and Planting Design qualification at Capel Manor college in Regents Park.

Whilst last year was about plants and planting (and I was in my element) this year is all about the physical rather than planting design, and for Assignment 2 we were required to construct a scale model at a scale of 1:50 to illustrate the concept of ‘mass and void’.

What with spending a lot of last weekend in the car transporting a 12lb salmon from Basingstoke to Kent (don’t ask) I was rather behind, and so the majority of this weekend has been spent on the assignment.

I got the main part of the model made yesterday but then got a little carried away with sofa cushions, lavender hedge and the Duplo veg patch and before I knew it it was lunch time.img_1350

Which would have been fine, but I still had to knock up the scale drawing.img_1354

Only the final A2 sheet with details of the materials used to pull together before the Wednesday deadline.

Meanwhile, shame about the bulbs still sitting in the box they were delivered in a fortnight ago….

8 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday afternoon?

  1. karen

    Looks wonderful. So glad we didn’t have to do that when we were at college. The drawing is very professional too. Much better than mine. I’ve been a garden designer for 20 years now. I love every second of every day. So lucky to be able to make my living from plants and gardens. Good luck with your course and I hope you enjoy your career as much as I have. All the best. Karen

  2. Cathy

    Oh what memories your model brought back, Jen – a 1:12 scale model of my bedroom when I was 14 and the only time I ever got more than 30% in Art. I so loved making that model and every little detail… sigh… For garden designing I can see why it woud be a good exercise in the early stages and I hope you found it useful – and enjoyable to create as well. Do keep us up to date with your course as it goes along as it is so intersting to hear what it covers

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