To bee or not to bee #3


I’ve blogged here and here about this year’s new foray into keeping red mason bees.

After a rather shaky start with an inadvertent toasting of the cocoons by the Aga, I was glad to see that some of the nesting tubes have been ‘capped’ suggesting that new cocoons have been laid in there.

On Saturday, witnessed by my Book Club ladies, I did see a bee coming and going from one of the uncapped tubes, but of course when I returned to photograph it it got camera shy and disappeared. I certainly haven’t been aware of, or troubled by any extra bees this year and did wonder whether none had actually survived, but they clearly have and I’m chuffed to bits to have a count of five capped tubes.

The tubes will be returned to Mason Bees UK in September and in return they will send out new cocoons next spring.

I’ll keep you posted of the final count, but in the meantime I’ll look forward to a bumper veg harvest thanks to my friendly little pollinators.

3 thoughts on “To bee or not to bee #3

  1. Cathy

    I think I must have missed an earlier post on this venture – what a fascinating project to be involved in. I wonder if the Golfer would agree to it… (he has a fear of bees)


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