Blenheim House, an NGS treat


Blenheim House, in Ryde on the north east coast of the Isle of Wight, opened this weekend under the National Gardens Scheme, and what a treat!  After the disappointment of Hampton Court, it was fabulous to restore my garden visiting mojo so quickly and emphatically. The garden is relatively small for the NGS at 116ft x 30ft, but there was plenty to discover and much to admire.

The site slopes away from the house with the views from the top terrace (above and below) towards Portsmouth.


From here a twisting red brick path meanders down through the lawnless site but clever planting ensures the end of the garden is obscured, encouraging discovery.IMG_1219

The planting is lush and exotic, with a number of magnificent tree ferns.IMG_1221


On the right hand side was the best display of Dierama I’ve ever seen,IMG_1226IMG_1235

and on the left, a spectacular display of potted succulents.IMG_1225IMG_1233

There were some lovely planting combinations.  IMG_1229

I love the dark strappy leaves below, anyone any clues?  It looked a little like a Phormium but the leaves were too fleshy.IMG_1223

Here it is again.



I liked the way the problem of a ‘flopping’ Sisyrinchium was solved by planting it behind a bench by the pond.IMG_1230

So thank you Maggie and David, for generously opening your garden, it was fabulous.




2 thoughts on “Blenheim House, an NGS treat

  1. Nick

    Purple leaved thing looks like Eucomis Comosa Sparkling Burgundy or maybe Oakhurst, which can be darker when leaves are young.

  2. Cathy

    Yes, I was just looking at Eucomis yesterday and I think Nick might be right. Those dierama are gorgeous, and whether or not people like succulents that display of them is amazing!


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