In a vase on Monday – and now one for the OH


As you know, I work in London every week, but the other half has a consultancy that means that he too sometimes needs to be in London, and so it was last Monday.

As I had a relatively quiet Monday (helped by an IT issue which made my work rather tricky!) I decided to arrange some flowers for the OH to see on his return home on Tuesday, by which time I’d be in London.  I decided to go with a big, blousey, rosy arrangement (not masculine at all, perhaps I was arranging for me too?) and here it is.

Apart from rose leaves, the foliage was provided by green Sedum heads.IMG_1142

The roses were R. ‘Jubilee Celebration’,IMG_1139

inherited rose by the front steps,IMG_1144

and R. ‘Pat Austin.’IMG_1141

I’m delighted to report that the OH both noticed and appreciated my works.  Hurrah!

With many thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden who hosts this lovely meme.

11 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – and now one for the OH

  1. Christina

    Sedum heads used in this way and new to me. I love how much I learn each week from this meme. Your roses are gorgeous making a stunning arrangement. I’m glad the OH appreciated your offering.

  2. homeslip

    Green sedum is such a good filler and this has reminded me of a posy I made last year with an apricot rose. The roses are just beautiful Jen.


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