Dahlia dilemmas


I’ve been been pretty abstemious on garden spending this year after the excesses with Peter Nyssen bulbs and Black Friday’s seeds from Chiltern’s last autumn. However, offered a deal from Sarah Raven earlier in the spring, I splashed out on a number of Dahlias. Firstly Dahlia ‘Hillcrest Royal’ above.  The plan for this one was to plant it at the back of the Swing Beds to provide some height.  However, as the Diascia  personata has taken hold this year, the colour of the pink was somehow too blue and I just couldn’t do it.  Instead, I’ve planted one in a big pot on the decking and planted another pot with Lychnis coronaria, with exactly the same bright pink flowers, to sit next to it.  But I’ve got a second one, um, waiting.

I’ve had Dahlia ‘Roxy’ for some years now and it’s come back well and I have now planted two pots’ worth by the the front steps.IMG_1153

The second purchase from Sarah Raven was her ‘Cinnamon Spice’ collection.  They were bought to plant at the back of the beds in front of the greenhouse, but, in common with the ‘Hillcrest Royal’ it just didn’t work.  Those beds are already pretty full, not least with more Agapanthus grown from seed, so, having grown the tubers on in the greenhouse, by the time they were ready to be planted out there was just no room to plant them in, leaving, two tubers each of ‘Tamburo’, ‘La Recoleta’, ‘Zundert Mystery Fox’, ‘Bacardi’ and ‘Burlesque’ without a home.  Oops.

The D. ‘Burlesque’ I’ve planted in pots by the greenhouse door.IMG_1152

This dahlia is in the second pot and I’m slightly concerned it’s not the same.  Slightly more pink, and see the lack of green/yellow centre?  Or is that just me?IMG_1151

Only one of the D. ‘Zundert Mystery Fox’ actually grew, and this has been planted in a pot on the barrow.IMG_1154

I’ve planted the D. ‘Tamburo’ in a the large copper wash pot by the front steps.IMG_1149

And the D. ‘La Recoleta’ have been planted in the Mid Century bed alongside other ‘bruised’ colours and has already been used in a Monday vase.IMG_1157

I’m still waiting for D. ‘Bacardi’ to flower, so goodness know where they’re going to go, but there’s another dahlia also being shy to flower.  This one is D. ‘Happy Single Date’ which I’m delighted to say had returned from last year’s debut in the Bronze Bed.  IMG_1150

Remember how much I loved this last year?IMG_8909



6 thoughts on “Dahlia dilemmas

  1. Cathy

    Those first two really do ZING, don’t they? Do you find dahlias have done OK in pots? I think I might do that for next year to increase the number of dahlias I have room for ps well done for being largely abstemious! I am halfway through the year now and it has been most refreshing!

  2. jenhumm116 Post author

    That is indeed the question. I’m not sure they do in general, but I’m hoping if I feed and water them well they might be ok. It was a horticultural equivalent of my eyes being bigger than my stomach, I really should know better!

  3. Christina

    I like your choice of Dahlias; it seems to me very many of them are excellent growers producing more flowers in a season than seems possible. I’ve bought mine from ‘cheap’ suppliers here and although that means they aren’t always named clearly all have grown well and all the white ones planted last year have come back after being left in the ground all winter. I’m sure Sarah Raven would credit you for the ones that haven’t grown.

  4. Sam

    I do like dahlias but have been spectacularly unsuccessful at growing them because the slugs and snails always make a beeline for them. I’ve had too many disappointments (heartbreaks) to try again, so I shall have to be content with admiring other people’s lovely blooms 🙂

  5. digwithdorris

    I grow Dahlias and I know when the catalogues come out it is hard to resist. I do like Roxy but the last one ‘single date’? is my favourite. I shall be looking for that one. I left mine in the ground last Winter and have been rather surprised, in a good way, to see some are flowering again.

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