In a vase on Monday – and now one for a lady


In contrast to last’s week’s vase, this one was for a female host, and one I’d never met.  She and her husband had invited the OH and me to join them at their golf club in Hampshire for their 125 year anniversary celebrations and were then putting us up overnight.  It seemed to me this called for the big guns, and here they are – gorgeous girly, blousy Sarah Bernhardt peonies.IMG_1095

These were joined by fresh green foliage of Euphorbia and mint,IMG_1097

as well as an inherited rose (in the background), Verbena bonariensis,IMG_1098

yet more Winter Sun sweet peas from the greenhouseIMG_1096

and spires of Veronica.IMG_1099

I’m delighted to say that the event, our hosts and the bouquet’s reception were fabulous! You really can’t go wrong with home grown flowers.IMG_1100

With many thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden who hosts this lovely meme.

21 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – and now one for a lady

  1. Cathy

    Luscious bouquet! And such a nice present – I would have been a bit tearful, had it been given to me! Interesting that your ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ hasn’t got that little trace of a red ripple that my pink peony has when I posted it ‘In a Vase …’ a few weeks back. Everyone thought that mine must be SB, but now I’m not sure. The mint and the veronica are a nice touch.

  2. Cathy

    Oh we are all in agreement there – increasingly I think we are all noticing that home grown has less of a forced and perfect appearance than shop bought. And it is such fun putting a bouquet together – after the wedding I am eager to do more and you certainly seem to have got the bug too!

  3. Sam

    Gosh, I’d be chuffed to bits if someone gave me a bouquet of home-grown flowers like this – it’s beautiful! The Euphorbia and mint really set off the pinks and purples.

  4. Julie

    My indoor sweet peas are still going too – they are doing so much better than the outdoor ones this year. Your peonies are beautiful – mine have been such a disaster this year – we have had daily downpours that have destroyed all my peonies and roses. Your hosts must have been delighted – as you say homegrown is always best!!


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