Whalton Manor, an unexpected delight


Whalton Manor is a 17th century house with a beautiful three-acre garden which I discovered by complete chance, reading a gardens article in a Northumberland tourism magazine in our hotel room.

The garden only opens by appointment so I immediately emailed to see if there was any chance of a visit.  Amazingly, within 24 hours, Penny, the owner, had phoned from her holiday to confirm there would be someone in the house, and so, yes, I could come!

Sadly the weather was still poor, but the garden certainly wasn’t.  And to make it even more special, I was given a lovely tour by Sue, one of the (part time) gardeners,which made it even more special.

The link with the previous Lindisfarne post is that Lutyens and Jekyll spent time at Whalton Manor during the time they were working at the castle.  Lutyens designed the summerhouse, fondly known by the family as ‘Caesar’s Palace.’  It’s used now for weddings and there are some gorgeous photos of sunny garden nuptials on the website.IMG_1021IMG_1046

The majority of the garden is behind the manor, but both the wisteria (top) and this stunning hosta bed were in front.IMG_1020

Behind the house were numerous sweeping beds with soft coloured planting, all contained and enhanced by beautiful walls and structures.IMG_1022IMG_1027IMG_1029IMG_1030IMG_1051

Our route took us past this intriguing gate.  Apparently many visitors discuss its ‘Lutyens credentials’, but it was in fact crafted from old lift panels under the instruction of the current owner’s father!



Into the veg area there was a good sized greenhouse, but not a tomato to be seen.  Instead, it was absolutely crammed with vibrant pelargoniums.  It came as quite a shock after all the misty, muted loveliness outside, but I thought it was fabulous and it has inspired me to keep some of my pelargoniums grouped in the greenhouse like this.



Back outside, a couple of particular plants caught my eye – this beautiful soft blue Iris,IMG_1042

and these voluptuous ferns fronting gorgeous slates and stones.IMG_1045

So thank you, both Penny and Sue, for a wonderful treat.  I hope one day I’ll make it back in the sunshine.IMG_1033

7 thoughts on “Whalton Manor, an unexpected delight

  1. Cathy

    Oh it’s good to know that you can get such a quick response to an appointment only request – I have always avoided them thinking they might want more than just 2 of us. That hosta bed is stunning!

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      I think very often they do expect a proper ‘group’ but the article didn’t say so and I thought ‘why not?’ I’m so glad I did as it was just lovely!

  2. Cathy

    Wonderful visit – the gate is superb. And how creative the owners are to choose an old lift panels and make them into something that could pass as an original! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sam

    What a fab-looking place and how lucky to have a guided tour 🙂 I really like that gate and the beautiful, soft planting. I’ll bet the greenhouse of pelargoniums smelled lovely. All the gloves hanging in a row made me smile 🙂

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