Lindisfarne Castle – another bucket list tick


Lindisfarne Castle was our penultimate Northumberland destination.  I was particularly inspired to visit having seen it from the train this time last year whilst uni visiting with my daughter.  Sadly, whereas last year the weather was fine and the views astounding, this year June brought gloom, rain and chill.  And we could barely see the sea (about 50 feet away) let alone the Farne Islands off the coast.

The castle was discovered, empty and neglected, by Edward Hudson (founder of Country Life magazine) in 1901.  He fell in love with it and hired Edward Lutyens and garden designer Gertrude Jekyll to bring it back to life.

After an fascinating tour around the castle itself, we left in search of the garden, which was in no way obvious.  I assume it was placed back behind the the castle to protect it from storms off the sea, but I was surprised at how completely separate it was, until I read that it had originally been a vegetable garden created to provide food for soldiers living in the castle.IMG_1009

Jekyll’s contribution was to redesign the garden to include hardy annuals, colourful perennials and heritage vegetables to (according to the NT website) “provide a riot of colour in the summer and a leafy, sheltered oasis all year round”.


An information board showed the design:IMG_1005

In the plan above the silver edging is provided by Stachys, but this has now been replaced by Artemesia which certainly provided some light in the gloom.IMG_1003IMG_1008

Interesting to see Delphiniums in bloom, which hadn’t been at Alnwick.IMG_1004

Interesting too to see this way of training Broad Beans.  Shame I didn’t remember when I was staking my supposedly self supporting ‘Sutton Dwarfs’ earlier today.   I think this might have been a whole lot easier.IMG_1010

And to finish, another photo from the board.  Apparently this is how it can look.  Huh!IMG_1006

7 thoughts on “Lindisfarne Castle – another bucket list tick

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  2. Cathy

    Another iconic view – for those who have seen Lindisfarne, that is! I remember being a little disappointed that the GJ garden didn’t look at all like the view on the board 😉


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