Cragside, could make a girl change her mind…


…about rhododendrons!

Cragside is a fascinating National Trust property near Rothbury in Northumberland.

It was the home of Lord Armstrong a Victorian inventor, innovator and landscape genius. Trained as a lawyer, he only turned to engineering later and was completely visionary.  The house was the first to be lit by hydroelectricity and is still crammed full of ingenious gadgets such as a water powered piston lift and all 350 light bulbs in the house are lit by a water powered Archimedes screw.

Having enjoyed a fascinating visit to the house, we emerged to some really grim weather. We’d already braved Alnwick in the morning and had got pretty damp then, so the idea of a soggy walk around the grounds really wan’t that appealing.  And then I looked at the information leaflet and realised there was an alternative.  The estate is so comprehensive they have established a one way, six mile long ‘estate carriage drive’ which meanders through the entire 1000 acre estate.  Perfect.  And it was.IMG_0985IMG_0990





3 thoughts on “Cragside, could make a girl change her mind…

  1. Sam

    Nope, my mind is not changed. I don’t know what it is about them specifically; the colours in such overwhelming amounts perhaps. But I enjoyed your post and photos, thank you! The house looks amazing.

  2. Cathy

    A couple after our own hearts – we are equally good at cramming things in!! No rhododendrons when we were there but it’s always better to see them in full bloom rather than just green leathery leaves, whatever we think of them… 😉 Thanks for sharing your visits with us Jen

  3. Cathy

    Wonderful place – and weren’t you lucky to visit at just the right time (even if you didn’t like rhododendrons). This is how they should be seen.


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